Sunday, September 29, 2013

A is for Aleanaes

I've been toying with this idea for a while and I thought I may do it here. This is kind of like a Realmspace wiki or more accurately a dictionary. As I'm doing it in dictionary form, it begins with A, because I'm odd like that.

That's Panacea from the Asterix books, but I'm going to use her to give people an idea of what Aleanaes looks like. If you give her pointed ears then it is pretty much as I see her, the other thing is that I can barely draw a decent stick figure.

Interestingly enough Aleanaes was probably the first Realmspace character that I ever created. She was a goddess of love in that fantasy epic I wrote in my early teens, and once she made herself at home in my head she simply never went away.

Physically she's largely always been the same, although she has changed in personality and her function in my fictional universe.

She's an important character in Realmspace, although she's not what I'd call a major character. In film terms she'd be a supporting actress.

She's the Benefactress of Intellida. Most Realms have a Benefactor or a Benefactress. There are some that have gods or goddesses that fulfil a similar role, some have both. Earth is often looked down on and thought of as backward by those from other Realms, because not only does it not have a Benefactor, it isn't even aware of their existence.

Aleanaes lives in an incredible house on a different plane of existence, but she is a frequent visitor to her Realm and quite protective of it.

She has an interesting relationship with Dancer. She generally uses him as an agent, in fact her personal assistant views him that way, but she considers herself a friend and also has a rather big sister type dynamic with the young shifter.

Racially she's an elf, hence the pointed ears and the fact that she doesn't seem to age, although the agelessness could also be one of the benefits of being a Benefactress.

She keeps a household staff that is mostly animals she rescued from desperate situations on Earth and then anthropomorphised to suit her needs. Her butler is a lowland gorilla, her maid is a mouse and her driver is a runner lizard. She also has three bodyguards, who are a boxer dog, a rat and a giant panda. The only member of her staff that isn't anthropomorphised is her personal assistant; Natasha. Natasha is cat who hails from a Realm full of cats and even without the opposable thumbs does an incredibly efficient job for her mistress.

Her full name is Aleanaes Goldenhair and many add the honorific Mistress to it.

If you want a pronunciation guide, and I do realise her name is a bit of a mouthful, it's said like this: Al-ee-a-nay-es.

There we have it. A for Aleanaes.

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