Wednesday, September 18, 2013


To open this up I'm going to quote the main character from Realmspace:

'I’m not really sure how to start this.  Stick with me, it will all get explained…I promise. At least I hope it will.'

This blog is about a few things, one is Realmspace, the title of a YA fantasy adventure novel that I have written and am trying to get published, well at present I'm trying to get an agent, but it's all part of the same process.

To a certain extent it will be about me.

It will have posts about the publishing process as I see, and as I feel my way through it.

Quite often it will just have things that pertain to Realmspace. The title of the blog is one of those. Purple Dove House is the name of Dancer's house on his homebase: the magical Realm of Intellida.

The look of this may also change as I get more used to it and muck around with things. So if you come back and things look different you know what happened.

So hopefully everyone will enjoy the ride.

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