Sunday, September 22, 2013

Who am I?

I've told you my writing history and how I came about to write my most recent concept, but you don't know a lot about me besides that.

I'll start with a picture, because honestly anyone reading this doesn't even know what I look like.

This particular picture tells you a bit about me from that. For one I'm short sighted, hence the glasses. I'm not the most photogenic of people, although to be fair that picture is a 'selfie' and I really haven't been able to get the hang of those yet. The concerned look on my face is because I'm not even sure if I actually have myself in shot. I also can't smile on cue.

You can't tell it from the picture, because my head fills most of the shot, but that was actually taken on a bridge in Turin. It had been a really nice sunny day up to that point, then the clouds started to roll in not long before I reached the bridge.

Why was I in Turin? It's not really a tourist mecca like other cities in Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice, etc...) Every four years they hold this thing called The World Masters Games, it's the largest sporting participation event in the world. This is largely because it's open to anyone as long as they can satisfy the age requirement for whatever sport it is they want to participate in.

My wife has been playing softball since she was knee high to a grasshopper and this was her second World Masters Games. They held them in Turin this year, so we combined that with a European holiday, and we spent what free time we had looking at Turin itself. It's not like Rome or Florence in that it has a major draw card (there is the Shroud, but that doesn't really seem to drag the tourists in), so it has to work a little harder, but if you also want to look you can find things to see and do, and on the plus side it doesn't get the enormous crowds you have to contend with at the better known places.

Travelling is another passion. I've been to the States and New Zealand a couple of times. I've done a safari in Africa and trekked in South America. This was my second European trip and we're planning a trip to England next year. My wife has travelled extensively throughout Australia and I'm trying to catch her up on that front. Tasmania is a favourite destination of ours.

Sport is something else that is high on my list. I've played a few: squash, indoor volleyball, table tennis. I was in the 2009 World Masters Games in softball and I've been told that I have no choice in the matter in 2017 in Auckland, I'm playing for the men's team. I also held a red belt in tae kwon do.

Outside of participating, which I really don't do much these days, except for a bit of softball, I follow it keenly. We like to get to one day of the Australian Tennis Open, cricket is pretty much a constant during summer and I'm a very passionate follower of Australian Rules Football (which for anyone outside of the country is NOT rugby) specifically the Richmond Football Team. I am a Tiger born and bred and bleed yellow and black. You may get the occasional hysterical rant here if we do something good.

That's the old logo. Still the best for mine. Eat em alive!

I read a lot. I'm rather excited at the moment because the third of Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastards series is due out in early October. I think I've had it on pre order since Scott posted the news about it's release at Fantasy Faction early this year. I'm also a moderator at the site, where I'm known as Elfy and use the below avatar.

Because of the imminent release of The Republic of Thieves.

Isn't that just gorgeous?

I reread The Lies of Locke Lamora for about the thirteenth time.

Most people don't like that cover, but it's the one on my version and I seem to prefer it. I clearly have no taste when it comes to covers.

And followed it up with a reread of Red Seas Under Red Skies for about the eleventh time.

Obsessed? Me? Never!

So, come early October expect an absence whilst I first devour, then savour The Republic of Thieves. I may even do a review when I return from Scott's wondrous world of thieves, mages and elderglass.

That's pretty much me. Normal transmission will resume next time.

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