Wednesday, October 16, 2013

C is for Casino

A short note before I get into the actual post. I do apologise for the lack of posts this week. Time kind of got away from me and before you know it, it's Thursday and you haven't posted for 4 days!

If anyone has been reading this and they've read up a bit about Realmspace they could be a bit confused. I call the book a fantasy and it is, but there's a casino? A Las Vegas style casino with bright neon lights and everything. How does that work?

So glad you asked.

The Realm that my main character of Dancer/Darren spends most of his time on is called Intellida. It's a strange mixture of magic and technology. The two collide on Intellida.

Downtown in the entertainment sector there are a number of establishments, including casinos. Dancer, once he made some money out of shifting, which basically required him to ferry customers and/or things in and out of Realms, invested what he'd made.

Some of it went on property (his house), but he also looked at diversifying his investments into other areas. One of those was the casino Fame and Fortune. On the surface of it Fame and Fortune looks like any casino. It has gaming tables, in a concession to the otherworldliness of it and to illustrate that appearances to the contrary it is not the same sort of casino that we on this Realm are used to, one of the games that patrons can bet on is Snakes and Ladders.

One other thing that sets Fame and Fortune apart from other casinos, even those on Intellida, is the owner. Dancer has an interest, but the casino's owner and runner is a dragon named Sigurd. Sigurd looks like a businessman in a sharp suit most of the time, but get him angry and he'll turn into a large, fire breathing magical reptile with a fondness for money.

Casinos on Intellida also employ luck faeries to ensure that patrons don't cheat. In hindsight I could have called this entry C for Cherie. Cherie is Fame and Fortune's resident luck faery. A luck faery is your basic garden variety faery, complete with the butterfly wings and lack of size. They differ from their more mundane cousins in two respects. One is the wings, which change colour depending on their owner's mood. Blue is calm, yellow is happy, red is angry, etc... and the other is what gives them their name. Luck faeries are just that lucky. They can direct luck to ensure that things work out their way. They are incapable of losing at games of chance, which is why the casinos employ them. If a patron can beat the luck faery then they have to be cheating.

Cherie is a feisty little thing and one of Dancer's closest friends and associates. She's far more than just an employee.

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