Tuesday, March 4, 2014

E is for Elves

I haven't done any of these since December because I've been living in 'Princessland' since then. I figured it was about time I did another one. I haven't given up on getting Realmspace published, and I'm still sending it around, although the wall of indifference is rather deflating.

There aren't a lot of elves in Realmspace, but Aleanaes is one. Those that do live on Intellida and therefore interact with Dancer aren't your Tolkien style elf, they're not really like the ones in the picture above either, although it's not impossible that they do live like that somewhere on a Realm. The Realms are infinite so the possibilities are as well.

The elves that Dancer knows about are urban elves and they're arrogant, self obsessed types. They also tend to be rather insular and don't appreciate outside interference. There's a lot more about them in Shattered Chaos, the third Realmspace novel.

Aleanaes in appearance and longevity is representative of an elf, but she doesn't generally act like the type Dancer knows about.

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