Sunday, March 16, 2014

F is for Fingers

Of course it is, we all know that. However in Realmspace things are rarely what they seem.

Fingers are those useful things on the end of our hands, but in Realmspace, and specifically on Intellida,  Fingers is also the name of Dancer's best friend.

Fingers is a slirt. The slirts are one of Intellida's few indigenous races. They look like bipedal foxes with grey fur. Given that appearance Fingers digits aren't much like the ones above. They're shorter and covered with grey fur for a start, but they are very nimble.

Slirts are by nature thieves. The entire race is devoted to larceny. They're quite good at it. Good enough that their ill gotten gains have enabled them to buy a high rise from which to conduct their operations it also provides shelter and protection. All the slirts live in what they call Slirt Tower. This money allows the slirts to hire ogre guards as protection. The twins Today and Tonight guard Slirt Tower itself.

All slirts tend to have a speciality or talent that gives them their name. With Fingers it's what he can do with his fingers. He's considered the best pickpocket on Intellida, although the aptly named girl slirt Pockets would probably dispute that. Like most slirts Fingers also has a secondary talent. He can sense when something valuable is in a pocket or purse, so that it makes it worth his while to take the risk and lift it.

Fingers is more than an opportunistic thief. He's also a loyal and brave friend, he knows no fear and all of this makes him a useful ally for Dancer to have around. With all that going for him there was little doubt he'd become part of the team in Realmspace.

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