Thursday, March 20, 2014

G is for Gleems

What else could it possibly stand for?

I've been wanting to write this one almost from the time I started this, that's probably because I love the Gleems. Anyone who's read Realmspace far enough to meet the Gleems (they first appear in the 2nd chapter) and given me feedback tends to like the Gleems.

The best description I can give of a Gleem is to direct you to the picture above. That's pretty much what they are, little green blobs.

Dancer doesn't really know a lot about them, despite that they're his best friends. They can alter their forms a little to have noses and arms and legs, of course being shapeless blobs helps with that. They look fairly helpless, but they have a defence mechanism that involves ingesting anything that threatens their personal well being, they'll use this to defend Dancer too.

Everyone from Aleanaes to Dancer believes that they're from another dimension as they appear to be the only ones in this dimension. They're constantly surprising Dancer and everyone else who comes in contact with them.

They do sometimes meld. This means that they go from being three little green blobs that move and act independently of each other to being one larger green blob with six eyes and three mouths. They don't particularly like being melded and work very hard to separate if it happens by accident.

It's not known if they're mind linked in some way, but their habit of speaking any language other than their own of Gleem by each one sounding out a word or syllable of a long word or short sentence tends to suggest that they are.

With most if not all of the concepts I've created for Realmspace or other fiction I can tell you how I came up with the idea, what caused it and point to examples. I can't do that with the Gleems. They just appeared and said "Write about us!", although in typical Gleemish fashion they said it as 'Wri." "Te." "Ab." "Out." "Us!"

They don't have names and their personalities seem to be one and the same. They're one of the most fun creations I've ever come up with and one reason I'd love for the book to be published and reach a wider audience as I think people would love the Gleems.

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