Tuesday, April 29, 2014

H is for Hotrod

Yes, we're going back to Realmspace, specifically Intellida, today!

I'm not really a car person. To me they're really just a convenient way to get from A to B. Where I can I walk or take public transport, cars do however come in useful for shopping trips and to get to places that public transport don't easily go to. I can change a tyre, but anything more complicated than that has me contacting a mechanic, which is odd because my grandfather was a mechanic and in an age where if you couldn't source a ready made part for a car or a piece of machinery, you made one yourself.

In a reflection of that, Dancer isn't really mechanically minded, nor is he a petrol head, however cars (at least 2) do play a significant part in the book. One is Dancer's Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and the other is a bright pink hotrod, similar to the one pictured above.

The hotrod doesn't belong to Dancer, it's the highly ostentatious vehicle of choice for Aleanaes Goldenhair, Benefactress of Intellida. The car is rather at odds with the lady herself. She prefers tasteful to flashy and pink is far from her favourite colour (that would be blue), she doesn't even know how to drive, or if she does, she never drives.

The bright pink car is generally driven by her driver, a magically modified runner lizard who goes by the rather apt name of Wheels.

Cars of this sort aren't really about passenger comfort or space, and I've modified it so that aside from the driver's cab, Aleanaes' car also has rear doors and a fairly cramped looking passenger compartment. Like the Benefactress' house, the car defies the laws of physics and has far more room in it's interior than one could ever guess from looking at it without entering it. I've never tested it's full capacity, but it seems to be able to comfortably fit 4 - 6 people in the back with plenty of legroom.

It has a fully stocked, full size bar, a large screen TV and lots of space for people to relax and stretch out. There are rumours that it has a spa, a kitchen and maybe even a bedroom. Due to the speed at which Wheels prefers to drive (he does break the sound barrier, he's tried to have a faster than light drive installed, but Aleanaes won't allow or pay for it) Dancer has never really had the opportunity to explore the vehicle further than the bar and TV in the back.

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