Monday, June 30, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 2, Episode 9

If the shots they use in the opening credits are anything to judge by I was right in thinking that Episode 8 was the half season. There were a couple of captures I hadn't seen before. I've seen a lot of the credits for this and I notice when they're different.

Viewers get to see exactly what Carla can do when she decides to play nasty. Michael should have known that she'd work out he'd found the building they were planning to carry a hit out from and also that he'd used the key card. How she didn't think he'd had a copy made for himself I do not know. Maybe she and her organisation underestimated him. I don't think that would have pissed her off as much if he hadn't later tracked her to the hotel she was staying at and had Sam put her under surveillance.

In retaliation she has Nate arrested on bogus charges (yes, he's back. I really don't remember him being as big a part of the show as he is) and because he's started up a limo business which Maddie remortgaged the house to loan him the money for, she could lose her house if this isn't sorted out.

Personally, I would have taken Carla out then and there. Fiona was plenty willing. There's not much in Fi's world that can't be fixed from the barrel of a gun, and what there isn't can always been blown up.

While doing this Michael took on a job involving the attempted kidnapping of a Venezualan oil heiress for a friend of Campbell's. Aside from allowing Michael to act like a drunken, snivelling down on his luck ex Delta Force soldier and kick some arse I'm not really sure why the storyline was there. It didn't really go anywhere. I guess they needed to pad the episode out somehow.

I'm really not liking the way Fiona is using Campbell to make Michael jealous. It's not working and it's not nice.

Michael's managed to escape Carla and that's when the story takes a turn. Instead of the sniper pulling off the job he gets blown up in his house. Fortunately Sam tells Michael that just as he's opening the door to his loft. He dives over the balcony railing as everything goes kaboom.

The screen fades to black and we get the words TO BE CONTINUED...

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