Saturday, July 19, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 3, Episode 7

Strickler is still trying to woo Michael with gifts, this time it's body lotion, complete with an attractive woman to apply it. I doubt even if Fiona hadn't been there Michael would have taken her up on the offer. Of course with Fiona being there, had he accepted the offer, it may have ended up with a double homicide. It was nice to see that nightclub Michael lives next to is still in operation. Haven't seen Oleg since about the second episode of Season 1, though. Apparently, according to the conversation Michael and Fiona have, he's never actually been to the club as a patron.

Michael returns Strickler's gift and tells him that he won't work for him and then goes to Diego (his new CIA contact) and drops Strickler's name on his desk, which means whether he wants to or not, he has to investigate the guy.

Later at Fiona's house they realise its been broken into, and that means entering with guns drawn. The culprit is 13 year old boy. Michael chases him down and is told that he stole the gun to shoot his stepfather. Under proper questioning it comes out that the stepfather is abusive, and the boy felt his mother was preparing to kill the guy, and he's also trying to get custody of the boy and his younger half sister. Exactly why he chose Fiona's house to break into and steal a firearm from is never really explained, but presumably he somehow knew she'd have weapons in the house.

The kid's story pushes pretty much all of Fiona and Michael's hot buttons and they go after this guy with a vengeance, while Maddie puts the wife and her children up at her place.

Michael plays a client who got sold a hot Lotus and now has a hit squad after him. He plays it angry and this gives him a lot of opportunities to hit the abusive stepfather in the stomach repeatedly. He seems to find an excuse to do it nearly every time he meets with the guy.

With Sam and Fiona posing as a hit team, they fake their own deaths and have the businessman running scared. Unfortunately his brother (played by Nicholas Lea, best known as 'Ratboy' from The X-Files) finds him before he can run and that means that Michael, Sam and Fiona have to put a twist on the job and make everyone else think that their target made it all up and is delusional.

They use a fun literary device to set this in place. Michael mentions a job they pulled in Russia involving an alcoholic KGB colonel. They've done this a few times. It indicates that Sam and Michael worked together a lot in the past and Sam seems to have done a lot of covert work that most Navy SEALs don't do. There was a film made called The Fall of Sam Axe, which kind of explains how Sam and Michael hooked up, but it was made largely to introduce some plot elements in Season 5 of the show and doesn't really cover how Sam ended up doing as much covert work as he does.

There's a happy ending with the bad guy's wife getting the $40,000 he paid Sam and Fiona to take care of his problem and the young man has a serious case of hero worship involving Michael, there's a hint he may wind up becoming a version of Michael one day.

Diego refuses to give Michael any assurances about getting his old job back and Michael feels forced to work for Strickler, not a good move at all.

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