Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 3, Episode 9

The voice over by Jeffrey Donovan at the start of episode 9 to bring newcomers or people who can't remember where the show left of kind of indicates that episode 8 was a half season show and there was some sort of break in between the two episodes.

Fiona's still definitely leaving, she's heading back home to Ireland. In fact people's pasts is a recurring theme in the show. Maddie's thinking of selling her house (she figures with Michael getting his old job back and Fiona moving away she doesn't really need it), and that stirs up a few feelings in Michael. He says he hates the house, but he does have memories of it, and they weren't all bad. Plus it's a great place for him to stash people.

Strickler was true to his word (surprise surprise) and has got the CIA looking seriously at reinstating Michael, something that Diego has advised strongly against. Diego really doesn't like Michael and I'm not sure why. He's also very worried that Michael worked for Tom Strickler.

Fiona's attempt to go back home is postponed by the arrival of her brother Sean (played by Gideon Emery, currently Deucalion in Teen Wolf). Fiona's wanted back home and a character by the name of Thomas O'Neill has come to town to kill her (O'Neill was played by Paul 'Harry Dresden' Blackthorne. Blackthorne has been in everything, he's currently playing Quentin Lance in Arrow, but he'll always be wizard for hire Harry Dresden to me).

Unfortunately the arrival of Sean and O'Neill means Michael Westen has to become Michael McBride again complete with dodgy accent. In fact both Gideon Emery and Paul Blackthorne also have to adopt fake Irish accents, and neither actor is Irish, Fiona gets to keep her American accent. Blackthorne's accent was particularly bad, it slipped all over the place. There is what is meant to be an amusing line when Michael says he'll use an American accent to approach O'Neill and Sean says that the accent sounds dodgy.

Michael does save Fiona from O'Neill, although she says that she doesn't want to be his 'client'. Doing it actually means totalling the Buick (I think the relationship between Sam and Miss Reynolds is over) and getting Sean shot. Fiona also gets winged. Maddie's living room resembles a casualty ward with both of them recuperating there, and she also decides not to sell.

Things get rather heated between Strickler and Michael, when he puts O'Neill onto Fiona, because he says Michael can't reenter the CIA with a former IRA bomber and current gun runner as a girlfriend. The meeting winds up with Michael shooting Strickler dead and Diego is also implicated and winds up dead before Michael can reach him.

Michael walks away from Diego's body thinking that the only thing worse than an enemy you can see is one you can't.

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