Monday, November 24, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 4, Episode 8

This was the sort of episode where you think you're getting one thing, but wind up with something entirely different.

There are hijinks of two sorts. One is Jesse and Michael getting Maddie to help them steal a safety deposit box. Jesse has really been a bad influence on her.

The other is Sam and Fiona playing Mr and Mrs Finley (Charles and Charlotte) to do security at a party held by a very wealthy individual and his glamorous wife. The husband was played with just enough weasel by Steven Culp, who excels in playing this type of character. He was last seen weaselling in Revolution as a dodgy US general.

Back to the safety deposit box. Maybe I wasn't watching hard enough, but I don't think Jesse really knows why they're even stealing it. Mainly because the information in it relates to Simon and Jesse doesn't know about Simon, because if he did he may eventually link Michael with Vaughan and that would wind up tipping him off about who burned him. The bit at the end when Michael finds information about Simon definitely hints that Jesse doesn't have a clue what's going on.

When Sam and Fiona's security job goes wrong and the wife is kidnapped by a Mexican gang who do this for a living, and Fiona goes with the lady to make sure she's safe, Jesse and Michael drop their other plans and go after Fiona. Maddie is particularly insistent on that score. She's adopted all of Michael's friends and she's particularly tight with Fiona, who she definitely sees as the daughter she always wanted, but never had.

With a little help from her friends Fiona takes care of herself and her fellow kidnappee. Even before she turns the table and the cavalry arrives in the form of Sam, I think the kidnappers were rethinking their choice of target. The audience also found out that you can make a nice miniature incendiary device with an electric light bulb and a small amount of vodka.

The story spices up once Fiona is rescued. She goes straight to Michael and from the look on Jesse's face, he's both surprised and disappointed. I can see why. Every time Michael has been asked about Fiona he's been at pains to say that she is not his girlfriend, but she so is. Maddie also counsels Jesse about that and tells him that the two were made for each other. She does care for Jesse, but she's not letting anything get in between her son and the daughter she's always wanted.

The mention of Simon at the end is mouthwatering.

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