Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 4, Episode 15

There was a character that's sort of Team Westen who hadn't really been seen this season, and that's Michael's little brother Nate. I guess with all that was going on with Jesse, Nate kind of got lost in the shuffle, although Maddie mentioned him occasionally, and he was in Vegas with his wife.

So while Michael continues to recover from his shoulder injury (a nice bit of continuity to keep that in our mind and at least they don't do it by showing the bandage on the outside of his clothing, ala Julia Shumway's leg injury in Under the Dome) he sends Jesse and Sam on a road trip to Santa Domingo to bid for the list from a former intelligence security expert, turned secret seller. This kind of gets Jesse out of the way and enables Michael and Nate to spend some brother to brother time Westen family style.

Michael knows something is up when he meets Nate at the airport and he has no luggage, it was weird enough he just flew in out of the blue the way he did. Before they even go home he wants to meet a couple of friends who run a car hire and mechanic business.

When they get there one of them is beating the hell out of the other, coincidentally, or maybe no, they're brothers. The full story is that the business was going to the wall, so one of them used some of their cars to help a local drug lord transport his ware. Now one of his cars has gone missing complete with $2,000,000 worth of heroin.

Nate immediately offers to take them on as a client. Michael counsels turning it down, but Nate won't let him, so he's drawn into the whole mess, as is Fiona, but she kind of enjoys it.

Despite Michael's continual protests to the contrary, Maddie believes Michael pulled Nate into this. Maddie's very protective of Nate, partly because he's her youngest and partly because she knows Michael can take care of himself and there's some rather dire threats made to Michael from her if Nate gets hurt. It later comes out that this is driven by Nate about to become a father.

For once Michael and Co don't have to convince the head bad guy that one of his lieutenants is betraying him. Well, they do, but this time they're not planting evidence, because he actually is doing it.

We don't get to see the aftermath, but it's made pretty clear that he's going to get a bullet to the head and unmarked grave and won't be mourned by anyone.

Michael also gets himself free mechanic work if he wants it. Along the way we also got to see Michael reconnect with a former enemy/ally to help he and Nate find the car. This was a recall back to a previous season episode where Michael protected Miami's king of stolen cars from a bunch of mercenaries out for blood.

The show does that well, brings minor characters in and out across seasons and it helps set up a sense or reality and shows that Michael and Team Westen are building up a strong network in and around Miami.

We got occasional scenes in Santa Domingo with Jesse and Sam, but that was only to remind us about them and to reference the season arc. This was mostly about the Westen Brothers taking down the bad guys and bonding, as well as setting up a complication with Nate's impending fatherhood. In a show like Burn Notice when a character like Nate reveals he's going to become a daddy, it's a kiss of death. Nate will die at some point, it's just a matter of when.

Once Michael has the list he has to decide what to do with it. Who can he trust with it? Does he give it to the government? Who can be trusted with this sort of information?

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