Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's Christmas!

Isn't that an awesome tree? Mind you I don't think I could find space to fit that one, let alone afford the electric light bill it must generate. Still and all it is a stunning Christmas Tree.

It's the 24th of December down here and that means Christmas Eve, which I always find an odd term to use when it's morning the sun is shining brightly.

It's been an odd Christmas for me. It took until about 5 days ago before it really felt like Christmas. For some reason although the stores were advertising like mad on TV and everywhere else and there were Santas at the shopping centres and I'd seen Myers windows and had Cadbury Christmas Elves in the refrigerator it just didn't seem right.

No one seemed to acknowledge it much this year. Even a local centre's decorations were pretty naff, then again it's a rather dodgy centre at the best of times.

No Christmas episodes of favourite TV shows, then again a lot of the shows I watch don't lend themselves to Christmas themed episodes. I shudder to imagine what The Walking Dead or Sons of Anarchy would do with a Christmas episode.

Something just kind of clicked on the 19th.

It's certainly Australian Christmas weather down here. Low 20's, sun shining, Santa will probably stop the sleigh on a beach somewhere, take off his boots and dangle his toes in the water.

Merry Christmas to everyone, everywhere. Take time to stop, relax and just enjoy life.

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