Monday, February 23, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 5, Episode 10

Once again the gang split up to do their own separate things in Episode 10.

Michael's under pressure from Pearce to provide his data on Max's killer and has some time to kill while Sam and Fiona go to contact an old 'friend' of Sam's who can possibly hack into the badly damaged computer that apparently belonged to whoever tried to frame Michael for Max's death.

The fly in the ointment is that Jesse wanted Sam to help him out on one of his security jobs, and as Sam is the only guy the hacker knows, it's not like someone else can fill in for him.

Michael offers to take Sam's place for Jesse and that works out nicely because Jesse also wants to use Maddie, but in a hands off no combat role, you just know from the moment he says that, it won't work out that way.

Michael pretends to be a low life hacker who is happy to go along with the guys Jesse is watching, and at that point it's been described as white collar crime, which even Maddie is happy about as these guys carry Blackberries, not guns. That all changes once they get into the building, which is located at an airport and the briefcases are opened to show Mach 10's and the little extra surprise of a hand grenade. From that point on it becomes a hostage situation, and pretty much turns into a Burn Notice version of Die Hard. Michael invents a ex special forces maintenance man by the name of Jack Marsden. How the criminals ever fell for that I do not know. Even the name sounds like the hero of an action film. Michael makes Marsden out to be a combination of Rambo and John McClane, and becomes the spanner in the works. He picks off the bad guys and then stages Marsden's 'death' which allows him to get the hostages out, one of whom is Maddie, and send the remaining criminals into the hands of the waiting police.

While all this is happening and Jesse is helping out on the sidelines, Fiona and Sam are contacting the hacker. Sam may have overstated their friendship. The last time Sam saw the guy he tasered him and put him in the boot of his car. Relationships are not helped by Fiona meeting him and then tasering him again to get him to help, they also put him in Fiona's car boot. Fiona points out that she's ridden in it before, so it's not so bad, but she's a small person.

The other problem with the hacker is that he's under house arrest and wearing an anklet, which they have to remove and then lead the police on a merry chase so that they can get access to the computer lab and try to glean something off the hard drive of the ruined computer. That's Fiona's job, and honestly her car is a great ad for Hyundai, I wonder if they paid for the advertising?

Michael gives Pearce his documentation, which I assume he's doctored sufficiently and in the mean time he has a flash drive from the computer data which may lead him to the real killer.

I have to admit I'm getting a bit disenchanted with this season. While they get to Max's killer inch by torturous inch, they tread water for most of the episodes. Not only was the main storyline of this one ripped off from Die Hard, it closely followed a previous Burn Notice, which served to give it all a feeling of 'seen this before'. I didn't notice it so much watching it week after week, but shotgunning them this way it becomes glaringly obvious that for whatever reason the people behind the show were running out of creative gas.

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