Thursday, February 26, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 5, Episode 13

While the CIA look at upgrading Michael's clearance level, Anson exerts his influence to get Michael to do something that could significantly affect that happening. Pearce still isn't happy with Michael and she seems to be rather naive about exactly how the organisation she works for conducts itself and how it prefers to work. I can't remember what happens to her, but I hope she doesn't get killed, because she seems to be a genuinely good person in a pretty bad world.

Anson wants Michael to extract a computer expert from his heavily guarded compound offshore and bring him to Miami so that he can get his bank details out of the CIA computers, of course the computer expert is the guy who duplicated their security keys. The problem is that if Michael or anyone else goes in there even with using the keys they'll have microscopic trackers all over them (kind of scary that sort of technology exists, and whatever else it's faults may be Burn Notice is generally quite accurate with that sort of research). They wind up having to convince one of the hacker's enemies, and the reason he preferred to live offshore away from his home and his girlfriend, to go in and do their dirty work for him, which would wind up getting him tracked and caught. We've seen the hacker character before, kind of nerdy and helpless, but useful and getting dragged along for the ride. He reminds me a lot of the Patton Oswalt character that appears later in the show, but Oswalt plays it so much better. Interestingly enough the hacker is actually called Oswald.

While Michael and Fiona are dancing to Anson's tune (I still don't know why Michael doesn't just kill him, unless it's inferred that his information will become public if he winds up dead. In typical super villain style he's always one step ahead and likes to play with his food, he is chillingly portrayed though, very believable as the brains behind Management and a complete and total sociopath).

Sam, Jesse and Maddie are trying to find out what the police know about the bombing that Anson connected Fiona with, and that means that Maddie has to learn how to crack open a laptop, remove the data chip and download it, then put it back as if nothing happened. That training session was rather amusing, especially when Sam confiscated Maddie's cigarettes to ramp up the pressure and she immediately said if she had to do this without smoking then he had to watch without drinking her beer.

Ultimately what they do comes to nothing as Anson is always playing the game one move ahead, he also issues a veiled threat to Jesse and Sam approaching them at one of their favourite watering holes and telling them that he knows a lot more about them than their drinks of choice. Loathsome individual and he's got his hooks so deep into Team Westen that the only thing that will release them is his death. The more he knows and the longer he does the more he will bleed Michael and his friends for everything he can get.

Michael gets his clearance upgraded and that inadvertently makes him even more useful to Anson.

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