Friday, February 20, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 5, Episode 9

This one was pretty well split in two as well. Sam and Michael got to go after the bomb maker and Jesse used Fiona on one of his private security jobs.

The bomber was an interesting character. Lucien, a former Romanian war criminal, he had all sorts of tricks up his sleeve to avoid capture and was almost impossible to interrogate as he knew every trick in the book. Michael threatened to arrange to have his daughter deported and he was still playing games with them, it wasn't until his allies actually proved that he was expendable by clearly considering him collateral damage when they came for Michael and Sam that he rolled over and gave them something.

While this was happening Jesse took Fiona on a security job securing the house of a pharmaceutical magnate, played with suitable sleaze by British actor James Frain, who specialises in that kind of role. I'm not sure how keen Jesse's employers would be about him taking a former terrorist who runs guns on the side along on a customer facing job (I'm sorry to describe Fiona in those terms, but it's accurate). Personally given the way Jesse allows what he does for Michael and how he involves the likes of Michael, Fiona and Sam in his legitimate business I can't see the private security job lasting.

Unsurprisingly Frain's character turns out to be fairly flexible when things like loyalty and ethics come into play. He actually ran out on a former partner, took his discoveries and trumpeted them as his own, left him to rot in a Chilean prison and to top it off romanced and married his wife. He was the one breaking into the house.

While Jesse worked against his employer from inside and used Michael as a nut job stalker who was prepared to burn the rest of the world to get the pharmaceutical magnate he blamed for his life falling apart, they took the guy down. This meant that Jesse's company didn't get paid for the work he'd done. Yet another reason why he may not be gainfully employed for that much longer.

This is probably one of the least involving seasons of the show. They haven't even come close to introducing anyone particularly threatening and we're half way through the season, the storylines seem to have run out of gas and are repeating themselves as well.

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