Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 5, Episode 16

Now shit gets real as Michael is forced to actually team up with Anson, and this is after his mother told him to never darken her door again when he reveals that he knew Anson had knowledge of Maddie for some time before he told her.

Anson (his other name is Fullerton in case anyone was wondering) claims he only wants Michael for another month (yeah, like that's gonna happen) and he wants the $200 million that is held in a flagged account in the Caymans. Michael quite rightly points out that he can't touch the money either and he can't really fly off to the Caymans to pressure the banker who can move it without tipping off his employers. So Fi and Jesse have a job. It's one of the easier ones they've had, sipping drinks in the sun and blackmailing a fairly sleazy banker, he does try to pull a gun on them at one point, but Jesse disarms him without breaking a sweat. I do wonder if putting the two of them in a romantic location together on a fairly cruisy job is another way of reminding people that Fiona and Jesse could very well become a thing.

An old friend of Sam's; a cute Venezuelan journalist by the name of Beatriz shows up in Miami needing protection from a Russian gunman after writing some whistle blowing articles on a corrupt Russian/Colombian oil deal. Beatriz was another character introduced in The Fall of Sam Axe. Kiele Sanchez may have been working on The Glades at the time, but I would have preferred to see her in this episode if we had to have a pretty love interest from The Fall of Sam Axe in there.

Sam and Michael can only do so much and that's when Sam suggests that Michael ask Anson to help. Anson agrees on the condition that he gets to accompany Michael everywhere and that he gets full disclosure and answers to any and every question he asks Michael about how and why he does what he does.

Anson is a pretty smooth operator. He charms a pretty receptionist at the Russian building the two of them need access to, Michael probably could have also gotten past her, but he would have done it differently.

What makes Anson dangerous is how much he knows and how he uses it and the insights that his background allows him to have. He's hinted that he knows about Frank before and exactly what he knows has remained secret, he did fill in as Maddie's therapist for one session, but he lies like most people breathe, so the Frank Westen stuff could be all talk.

However once they've saved Beatriz and his money is on the way he opens up a little. He believes Michael is a white knight, not because he's trying to make up for what he did when he was working for the service and running with Larry, but because he doesn't want to become his father. He said he knew Frank and he got a lot out of him during drunken conversations with the man, and that Frank wanted to apologise to Maddie and the boys for his behaviour. The real bombshell is that the heart attack that killed Frank Westen wasn't accidental at all. 

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