Monday, March 23, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 6, Episode 5

Just when I was getting used to the idea of Fiona in orange, it looks like they've gotten her out. And there were so many other prison storylines that they could have done. Maybe even brought in Linda Blair as a guest one episode.

Surprisingly it's Card who is the white knight. If Michael can get Fiona to turn in one of her gun running buddies, then Card will spring her and use her as a CIA asset. It is interesting that no one has ever thought of that before. With Fiona's background she could have all sorts of useful information and contacts.

Fiona doesn't much like Card. I don't think she's ever met him before, but she does know that he's guy who pulled Michael out of Ireland, which meant that he never really got to say goodbye to her or give her the chance to join him. Card tells Fiona that he had to pull Michael out because his cover was about to be blown (I'm not surprised, that accent wouldn't last for five minutes in a real Irish pub) and if it was then not only would Michael have been killed, so would Fiona. I don't buy it. Card is a snake.

Because it's her only way out, Fiona does do what she's asked, it's actually Michael who nearly blows it because he's working on another job. I should have mentioned this before, and it does pertain to Fiona and Michael's relationship (Burn Notice's secondary function is as the love story of Michael Westen and Fiona Glenanne), but in the opening credits he's amended his introduction of Fiona from trigger happy ex-girlfriend, to trigger happy girlfriend (it just doesn't sound right to me).

The gang seem to have teamed up with Rebecca, to help her find her brother and then roll over on Anson. No one wants to work with her directly. Jesse even takes the job of working with Nate over it. So Sam gets to be her 'handler'. Yes, in Season Six of Burn Notice it sucks to be Sam Axe.

Rebecca believes that a gangster thinks her brother did the dirty on him, so he's gone to ground. If they can get the guy off his case, then he may resurface. If Team Westen do that she'll give them what she can on Anson.

Michael pretends to be a twitchy ex-con who served time with the gangster's father and helps him get information that points to the gangster's girlfriend being the snitch. It's because he's doing this that he almost misses the meet that will get Fiona her ticket out of prison orange. Relations with he and Card have cooled, they seem almost civil when they first meet at the start of the episode, but they're snarling at each other by the end. It's an odd switch and doesn't really seem to have a reason.

There's an excellent car chase with Sam and Rebecca. Bruce Campbell's comic timing really makes it, and his conversation with Jesse to get him come help was one of the highlights of the episode for me. Rebecca holds up her end of the bargain and gives them some dirt on Anson that should help them get him. I'm a little annoyed that they're not going to keep Kristanna Loken's Rebecca around. I liked the way that she and Bruce Campbell worked together.

So the gang's all together to go get Anson Fullerton, and I think for better or worse, Nate is now part of the crew.

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