Monday, March 30, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 6, Episode 9

It's a little like it took the show a few episodes after Nate's death to kick start itself again. Everyone knows that the shooting of Anson and Nate wasn't just some random thing done by some one with sniper abilities, so why dick around trying to make the audience think that it was.

The information Jesse and Pearce (still really pissed off that they wrote her out) got indicates that Myers sold a special military rifle to a private security firm. Michael has to get into that firm and find out who used that gun. 

The problem there is that firms like this guard their information jealously and they don't just talk to anyone, much less a part time CIA operative who has been on a burned spies list.

So Michael poses as wealthy businessman Kruger, who wants to hire the firm to guard interests he has in some of the worlds hotspots. Sam is his 2IC. However they're a harder nut to crack than he first thought and it won't be easy to get the intel he wants.

Problem no 2 comes in the form of Agents Bailey and Manaro from the CIA. For anyone who doesn't remember them, they're incompetent desk jockeys who nearly got Sam killed in The Fall of Sam Axe, and they've held a grudge against him about it ever since. Because Fiona signed an agreement to be a CIA asset to get out of jail, they're calling it in and want to use her on a sting going after an Eastern European gangster who they think is selling secrets to enemies of the state.

Michael insists on being part of that mission. Bailey and Manaro protest, but they're both terrified of Michael and are forced to go along with him on that.

Sam drafts Jesse in to help him with the other job. By offering Pryon's go between a job with Michael's 'firm' in Dubai they gain access to the records. They pinpoint the user of the gun to one operative, someone who goes only by the initials of T.G. They can't get anything else, so Michael has to ask specifically for someone who matches T.G's skill set.

The other job that Fiona was working on was interesting. It turned out to be a con. The girlfriend who advised Bailey and Manaro about her sugar daddy's activities was actually pulling a con of her own. She was the one selling information, but she had to get someone else to get the data for her, so that she could hide it. A bluff from Fiona is what saves them all. Michael and Fiona agree not to report Bailey and Manaro's gross incompetence to their superiors as long as this job cancels out Fiona's agreement, and she's free to go back to living her normal life without further CIA interference.

The head of Pryon meets with Michael and warns him off. He knows what Michael's trying in asking for someone matching T.G, and he doesn't want any part of it. Just before he's shot and killed by an unseen sniper he gives Michael the name Tyler Gray (it even sounds like a badass name), unfortunately he can't answer the question of who Tyler Gray is. This will be an interesting manhunt and was Gray the guy behind it all, or was he just acting on someone else's orders, and who was that? I do like the way they've started to set these things up at the end of nearly every episode since 6.

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