Monday, April 20, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 7, Episode 1

This is it. The final season. Once this one is done there's no more Burn Notice.

As it always has it begins with Michael. 9 months has passed since the scene in the CIA facility. The opening scenes flick between Michael's now, which is in the Dominican Republic and Michael is posing as an alcoholic ex spy, who performs criminal acts and puts himself in no holds barred illegal bar fights to make ends meet and keep himself in alcohol. It kind of reminds me of the early scenes in Skyfall, where Bond hangs out on an island, drinking and playing dangerous games with live scorpions. The then is Michael being offered a deal by the CIA. Work for them or condemn his girlfriend, his two best friends and his mother to an existence in a featureless concrete cell. What he's doing is trying to make contact with a former operative and friend by the name of Burke (played by Heroes Adrian Pasdar), who is now believed to be highly placed in a terrorist cell.

The action then crosses back to the US and covers what happened after Michael's deal freed the rest of the gang. Sam is living the high life in Elsa's money, working on his tan by the pool. Jesse's taken a 9 - 5, which is probably some sort of private security gig. Fiona is working as a bounty hunter and has commenced a romantic relationship with her partner, Carlos. Maddy is in the process of trying to get custody of Charlie, as his mother has fallen off the wagon (I never knew she had a problem before) and has been judged an unfit mother.

Both Sam and Jesse are approached by an unsavoury character who wants information about Michael. This is Nick E. Tarabay (best remembered for his role in the Starz version of Spartacus). He presents as a Surete agent to Sam and an Australian diamond merchant to Jesse. The one thing that is consistent is that he's interested in Michael and is dangerous. Sam and Jesse contact Fiona, she's moved on and doesn't want anything to do with Michael, but agrees to keep an eye on Maddy, her she still cares about.

Bourke gets Michael off the booze, he was never really on it in the first place, but that's his cover and puts him to work for him. He and one of Burke's people break into things for reasons that are never specified, other than Burke wants them done. Of course it also proves Michael is loyal to the cause and gets him closer to Burke which is what the CIA want.

Tarabay's character convinces Maddy that he's with the child protective services department and needs her to tell him about Michael before he can start pleading her case for custody of Charlie. Maddy truthfully tells him that she doesn't know anything about Michael's current whereabouts other than he's working for the CIA. This is then relayed to his contact in South America, and Michael is forced to kill his co worker, but clearly Burke wasn't privy to the information, so there's games within games at work here.

Sam and Jesse tried to investigate the shady character asking about Michael and the address leads to a rather down at heel concrete box. It had also been secured with a claymore mine behind the back door. It nearly blows up Sam and the great chemistry between Coby Bell and Bruce Campbell leads to some comedy to lighten up the tension a little.

Michael's handler says that he needs to go to Miami to sort some things out which could jeopardise the operation and he's taking Michael with him, so Michael Westen is going back home again.

A great season opener, which recalls the strong opening to the series and signals that it's going out with a bang and not a whimper.

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