Sunday, April 26, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 7, Episode 5

The last episode ended with Michael, Sam and Jesse stuck on an island, and with the very dangerous Sonya running about after having knocked out Jesse.

Michael works out that Sonya is trying to lay a false trail for them and tries to double back on her. She's smart enough to work that out and gets the drop on Michael instead. Unfortunately Alona Tal was forced to use a rather dodgy sounding Russian accent for this part. Maybe the accent wasn't that bad, but as I'm used to seeing Alona Tal playing all Americans (the actress herself was born and raised in Israel) the accent sounds kind of jarring.

She knows her stuff, she knows who Michael is, but because she's been in custody for a while hadn't heard that he apparently switched sides and was discovered drinking himself to death by Bourke. Usually I buy Jeffrey Donovan when he lies, but I couldn't here, yet Sonya fell for it and agreed to work with he and his team to get them all out of Cuba safely.

Back in Miami, Fiona finds Strong in her house. He wants her to help Michael with the mission. She refuses. He then tells her why Michael accepted the job and what the failure of it means for her and everyone else connected. I'm actually getting rather tired of that. It's become very tedious, and I can't work out how people who have worked with the CIA (for and against) can't figure out why Michael is doing what he's doing and why he made the deal he did. I think Fiona was the last that needed to have  it spelled out to her, so hopefully they've explained that to everyone now.

Strong then proceeds to make it next to impossible for Fiona to continue her life to force her to agree to help. This puts a major kink in her relationship with Carlos. I kind of like Carlos, for all that I'm probably not supposed to because he affects the show's OTP of Michael and Fiona. The problem I have with Carlos is that he just appeared, Fiona may have known him before, but the audience didn't and that makes it hard to accept that she's madly in love with him, and he's replaced Michael just like that.

In Cuba, the quartet are not only being chased by the local police, they also have a Russian agent called Oksana on their tail. She's basically a Russian version of Riley, although I felt Marina Benedict made an absolute dogs breakfast of the role. The accent was very obviously fake and for a hardass agent she was very jittery, not all that bright and she folded very easily. 

The scenes between Michael and Sonya were interesting. Apparently young Russian agents study him now. She took note of his low body count and while most felt that this was because of his meticulous planning and helped him spread his own legend, she thought that it may also be due to the fact that he didn't like unnecessary death and was therefore a little softhearted. She's closer to the mark than she realises, but I do wonder if that's true, and it does appear to be, why would the amoral Larry ever think Michael could be a kindred spirit? She also clearly worked from the Michael Westen playbook when they arranged their audacious escape.

Once on American soil in Miami, Sonya is still running the show and the gang are going to go after the Miami based hackers who betrayed her in the first place.

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