Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 7. Episode 7

Michael's slept with Sonya and they both survive the experience, so now he's worthy to take his induction into the organisation that she works for a step further.

This is kind of like applying for an executive position with added torture thrown in. Michael is taken to an undisclosed location, although I don't think he was in a head bag (he really hates that), then set up in a room where he is interviewed/interrogated by a older looking hippy dude. The hippy does turn out to be the organisation's leader, and the audience are intended to believe that he is, but he could be a professional interrogator. Sonya could even be the boss for all we know.

In between being grilled on all his previous experience and life as a spy, Michael is drugged, kept awake and locked in a featureless room with loud noises piped in. Understandably he becomes disoriented and hallucinates. One hallucination is Fiona dressed in a red dress, telling him that he has to give up and tell his questioner everything, he has to fail them all.

Other regular hallucinations feature Larry and Frank. There seems to be a correlation made between the two. They were both father figures and they were both abusive, they both forced Michael into doing things that he didn't want to do, and they both made him into something he never wanted to be. He does finally break down under the questioning and admit that Larry pushed him into blowing up a factory to get a target, but he also took out innocents. It's this incident that plays on his mind ever since he did it and that he's tried to make up for, but perversely it's also what made him a legend and a desirable asset.

Sam, Jesse and Fiona go on the hunt for Michael and track him down to a private island. They can't drive in, but they can watch it from the water and use Elsa's speedboat to do it, they may even be able to attempt a rescue.

Sonya comes to Michael's cell, asking him what he told the interrogator. He's drugged and disoriented, exhausted mentally and physically and he can't remember. She says they have to get out, and helps him out of the house and onto the beach.

With Sam, Jesse and Fiona watching, Michael does not know this, though, he breaks away from Sonya and effectively gives himself up to the armed men following them.

Back in the room he was interrogated in, the hippy pulls a gun and points it at Michael. Michael seems lucid again and he said that he's given him everything and he won't kill him now, because he came back, if he wasn't part of whatever they're selling he wouldn't have done that.

The gun is unloaded, the hippy introduced as James, Michael is welcomed to The Family, and it's smiles all around.

James has this whole charismatic cult leader thing happening and I wonder if the name is from Jim Jones, the leader of a religious cult and responsible for the Jonestown mass suicide, the origin of the comment to 'drink the kool-aid' comment to indicate someone who has been brainwashed by a radical ideology. Then there's the name The Family, which makes me think of death cult leader Charles Manson, who referred to his followers as Family.

Michael winds up sleeping on the couch at Madeline's, with his friends trying to work out what he's gotten himself into. Apparently James bulldozed a $10,000,000 mansion just so that he couldn't be tracked down by anyone.

Then there's Michael himself. Does he really believe what James sold him? Was he faking that? He's mentally strong, but what they did to him could break anyone. He's so good at false facing and done it so often, does he really know what he believes or stands for anymore? Is Michael the Big Bad of Season 7?

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