Thursday, April 30, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 7, Episode 8

This is where, not only I, but other members of the cast start to question just how deeply James has got his hooks into Michael's mind. He looks and acts like he always has, and he seems to do the right things, but James pushes certain buttons that Michael can't deny are attractive to him.

This time he offers Michael the opportunity to go after a Dominican drug lord. Michael and Sam go in, get the guy and deliver him to James, who will serve up his own brand of justice. The only reason the guy is still operating is because he's an MI6 asset.

This is Michael's dream. Taking people like this out of the picture was what he was all about when he first started white knighting. Only he was always under resourced and couldn't move up the food chain as high as he wanted. James provides him with weapons, funds, travel, everything.

Sam's concerned about how much Michael seems to be buying into this. The drug lord was an interesting character. Played by Peter Mensah (Onemaus in Spartacus) he had the British accent that made his Eton educated drug lord believable, and he's a scary guy. Shame it's only a once off.

The only indication that Michael has genuine doubts about James comes after they deliver the drug lord to him. Rather than take he and Sam on the boat with him, where I have little doubt they're going to feed the drug lord to the sharks on the way, he gives them fake id and tickets back to Miami.

In Miami, Fiona is reluctantly working with Strong, because she has no option, but both Carlos and Madeline are concerned about what it's doing to her. Carlos actually doesn't even know she's doing it and when Maddy finds out she counsels Fiona to be careful and tells her that she'd probably be better off with Carlos than Michael in the long run. I really wish they'd been able to recast Sharon Gless as a CIA commander, she'd be really good at it.

Fiona and Jesse along with Strong and his team are going after a long term mental patient, who was also a Delta Force team member, and means something to James. Jesse manages to get him to give up a name; James Kendrick.

In an interview with Michael he tells him that Kendrick was his friend and his commander, until something snapped in Mogadishu and he killed his entire team, with one exception and he had him committed. Michael agrees that James is possibly the most dangerous and possibly insane person he's encountered. I personally think Simon, Anson and Card may disagree, even Larry. Fullerton could run rings around James.

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