Monday, May 4, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 7, Episode 10

Michael is still drinking James' kool-aid, and Fiona lets him know this in no uncertain terms. It's interesting that she tells him he's lying about it being all about the job, he may even be lying to himself, she can tell. It's true, she can, but that also throws up a major character inconsistency about her refusing to accept that he went back to the CIA and accepted this job to keep her and the others out of jail.

Fiona's part of this episode is old school Burn Notice, and it's kind of refreshing. Carlos becomes their client, they don't show up the little notices about this sort of stuff anymore and I miss it. He pays a visit to his old neighbourhood and finds out that the drug dealer he gave up to the police knows he was the 'rat' and has a price on his head.

The only way to get out of this so the detective who worked his case tells him is to produce the witness to a murder that the dealer committed. I did wonder why they didn't go to Paxson, this would have been right up her alley. Maybe Moon Bloodgood was too busy with Falling Skies.

Sam and Jesse track the guy down and bring him to Maddy's. He doesn't want to testify because he's understandably scared. It takes some home truths from Maddy to bring him around.

Fiona and the others, are basically freelance spies, and as Michael says in one of his monologues, freelance spies are naturally paranoid because they don't have backup. So they watch Carlos meet with the detective, while hiding the witness. The detective is crooked (I knew they should have gone to Paxson), and when she can't produce the witness, the dealer shoots her and takes Carlos hostage.

He's tortured and the dealer calls Fiona and demands that she exchange the witness for him. She calls Michael, who has just returned to Miami with Sonya from a job for James. He says he'll act as the witness, and call in a favour from James.

The dealer realises that Michael isn't his guy, and just as things look very bad, Michael's phone rings. It's the dealer's boss and he demands that they let Michael and Carlos go, he refuses, so the boss tells his 2IC to kill him which he does. Michael and Carlos are released.

The rest of the episode concerned Michael's job for James. Up until now Michael has dealt with people who actually deserved justice for James, also people he didn't know. This time he's been ordered to take out an urbane British intelligence broker, who has committed no crime other than he could get too close to Michael's past. He's also a friend. Strong won't help and Michael is left with no choice but to kill a man he knows who hasn't actually done anything wrong. Michael's headed down a very dark path.

The episode ends with Carlos declaring that Fiona's life is too hot for him to handle and she's still in love with Michael, so he's taking off. It gets him out of the picture at least.

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