Monday, May 11, 2015

Richmond V Geelong & North Melbourne

No, we didn't play both teams at once. At present the Tigers would be flat out playing either of these outfits VFL affiliate. In fact I think the Cats VFL team would beat our AFL one.

Just to clear up some small details, we played both teams on Saturday afternoons at 1:45 (football games used to always start at 2:00 or 2:10, now 1:45 is the new 2:00), the Cats at the G, and North Melbourne the following week at their adopted home of Blundstone Arena in Tasmania, it used to be called Bellerive and it's better known as a cricket venue.

Haven't beaten Geelong since 2006, since then they've gone on to win 3 Premierships and become a fixture in the top 8. In contrast the Tigers have managed to make finals twice (lost in the first week both times) and gone through two coaches (mind you Geelong are on their second one, too, but he left by his own choosing, not because the team's continual poor performances prompted him to ensure that his contract would be paid out as long as he offered to resign with a few games left to run in it).

This particular game was our best chance since that time. Geelong were in trouble, stars have left or retired and they'd had a shaky start. However Richmond rarely take advantage of opportunities, and they didn't this time either. The Cats were 5 goals up by the main break. After that Richmond improved and managed to cut the final margin to 9 points, but we do that all the time. Wake up and actually start playing something resembling decent football when it's too late to do more than make it look respectable.

North aren't exactly what I'd call a bogey side, or rather they weren't until last Saturday. We did beat them in 2012, but that was it, and they lick their lips at the prospect of playing us and banking an easy win. I turned on the TV without much hope and Richmond repaid me in kind. North scored 92 points from Richmond turnovers. That's simply not acceptable for a team full of professional athletes who actually get paid to play it. Mind you the lack of direction or confidence from the coaching team doesn't help.

Yeah, the Tigers are back to where they always have been since 1982. Out in the football wilderness. Damien Hardwick may coach out the year, but then he'll be gone, replaced with the next victim, and in a few years time we'll be back here again, wondering exactly what went wrong this time.

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