Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Top Ten - 2. Weaveworld

Despite the fact that it's been one of my favourite books ever since I first read it, I was more than a little wary of Weaveworld when it first came out. I think most of my reluctance stemmed from the fact that Clive Barker was better recognised as a horror writer at the time, and Weaveworld was classified as a horror. An occasional flirtation with the work of Stephen King aside, I wasn't really enamoured of the horror genre at the time. Weaveworld does definitely contain horror elements, but it's since been more correctly reclassified as dark fantasy.

There are so many elements to the book that just can't be put into a review. As I said when I wrote it up in the books and authors post, it's the sheer idea that an entire world can exist within the weave of a carpet that makes it so stunning. That, coupled with Barker's incredible prose, and his totally revolutionary view of angels, is something that makes Weaveworld an unforgettable experience and probably why it stands up to multiple rereads so well and why it makes so many best of lists even now, nearly 30 years after it's original release.

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