Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Collingwood V Richmond - 22/08/2015 (MCG)

The above picture and message sums up Collingwood perfectly. They, more than any other AFL club,  have over the years developed the fortress mentality and got it down to a fine art.

For that reason this was a danger game for the Tigers. We had beaten them earlier in the year, and while due to the draw we don't often get to play them twice in the one year, it had been a long time since we'd been able to win both matches. They were out of the finals, and we were still shooting for top 4, so while the win wouldn't really do a lot for them, they would however like the idea of derailing our top 4 run.

I always thought we'd win, but I thought it would be tough.

It didn't really turn out that way. Richmond were on fire in the first quarter. Sam Lloyd kicked 3 goals, and other Richmond players hit the scoreboard multiple times. It wasn't just how many goals we kicked, it was more how we used the corridor and set ourselves up for the best possible shot each time we went forward.

Collingwood tried to steady in the 2nd quarter. They got the ball into their forward line plenty of times, but in the curse of their 2015 season, kicked points instead of goals, while Richmond kicked goals when they went forward.

We held the lead in the 3rd quarter and while it was largely goal for goal, we had one more and extended the lead.

They're a lovely mob when they're losing, the Collingwood cheer squad. Jack Riewoldt seems to be enjoying their pain.

The last quarter was where it all fell apart for the Pies. The party really got started. Ty Vickery wound up kicking 6 for the game and the Richmond players were lining up for goal. A 91 point victory and the finals absolutely beckon.

Dustin Martin lets the Collingwood faithful know: That's two for the game!

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