Sunday, October 6, 2013

B is for Brownies

If the picture above doesn't give it away when I say brownies I don't mean the tasty baked goods.

Brownies are mythological creatures. They're a type of hob or hobgoblin or house sprite. Traditionally in stories they do housework as long as no one sees them or tries to 'pay' them, it's okay if the householder gifts them food as a sign of appreciation for their efforts.

I use a number of mythological creatures in Realmspace. My brownie character Molly is Dancer's housekeeper and she comes from the Realm of Erin.

My brownies don't really look like the ones above. I just used them because I thought they were cute. They look rather like a cross between Jiminy Cricket and a sepia leprechaun, which seeing as Molly is from Erin is kind of apt, really.

Molly is short and round and she flies about the place on two insect type wings. She's a peripheral character who guards her kitchen fiercely and likes to mother Dancer. She's also got a budding relationship with Anton, another type of hob,  known as a hodekin, the head chef at Fame and Fortune, the Intellidan casino that Dancer has a financial stake in.

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