Friday, November 22, 2013

Putting in the hard yards

It's rather odd to illustrate a post about Nanowrimo with a weightlifter when the heaviest thing I'm lifting is a laptop, but this week has been a little like that.

I don't typically pound out huge word counts. I tend to do 1,000 words a day, or 2,000 on a good day.

The jump from 1,000 or so words a day to at least 1,700 was a bit of a culture shock and then the problem I had last week with the course taking up the better part of my writing time continued this week.

For one reason or another I seemed to get home later too, so the only real writing time I got was in the morning before I left. I found I was able to get about 500 words done in short order, but not much more. This put me right behind the 8 ball until I got some clear time on Wednesday night and managed to pound out over 3,000 words.

I still think I'm behind, but the weekends let me do some big word counts and I've got a few free days at the end of the month when the course ends. I hope to be able to really put the foot down then.

I think I can hit the target, but it's going to be a near run thing. Next week I hope to post about my success and give my thoughts on the whole experience.

I'll finish this up with a weekly word count: 11954. That's a little higher than I expected and makes me feel a whole lot better about the whole thing.

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