Friday, November 15, 2013


There's an oft quoted saying about the plans of mice and men. I don't actually know if mice do plan, but if they do their plans often probably do go awry. Initially I was cruising on Nanowrimo. I had some really good figures in the first week.

Then I started a two week business course. Now that takes away from my writing time. I still think I can hit the target. It just may be harder than I originally thought.

I can manage to get some writing time in at the end of each day, but fitting the course in, time to eat and relax, sleep and do all the other things that one does in life makes 1700 words a day very tricky.

This means I kind of have to juggle things around a bit.

Compared to last week this week's figures look pretty ordinary. The weekly total this time is 8869.

Added to last week that makes 21721.

That's not going to get me to 50,000 words by the end of the month.

However I have plenty of time on the weekends. If I write like a bat out of hell over the weekend to make up the short fall I may be able to do this.

At the very least I think I will finish Shattered Chaos, so even if I don't make my target I will still accomplish something of note.

Wish me luck as I try juggling as fast as I can.

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