Friday, November 8, 2013


This is my week one of Nanowrimo post.

As I said earlier I'd never done this properly before and I guess in many ways I'm not doing that this time, it's just sort of a personal initiative to see if I can hit 50,000 words in the 30 day time period allotted to the challenge.

I set myself a personal target of 1700 words a day because that's basically what I feel will allow me to hit the target and with a bit of space to spare or maybe a day or two off along the way.

I think it's important when doing something like this to have a daily target and not just write yourself into the ground on day one or the first week then have a big let down the next day or week. It's also important to make this an achievable target for you. 1700 words is a lot, no really it is, it doesn't sound like it when you hear about authors hitting these huge word counts daily, but if you don't do it all the time it is.

When I first got into the habit of writing daily I had a target of 100 words a day and I gradually built it up until 1000 a day wasn't that big a deal for me. 1700 is a big jump, but I can handle it. However I can only do that because I was regularly into the habit of knocking out at least 1000 per day.

If you're going into Nanowrimo and you don't write regularly I think it would be a hard ask.

I missed one day due to Melbourne Cup and wound up doing double the next day. Yesterday I just decided to do 2500 to hit a certain amount of words in Shattered Chaos (it's over 60,000 now). Doing Nanowrimo is really increasing it's word count rapidly and while a lot will get edited out, it's powering along now, that extra 700 words does make a huge difference.

So, I'll give my stats now: for the week I hit 12,852 words. That's ahead of the game, so I may be able to make the target with some room to spare at the end.

Off to write some more.

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