Monday, June 16, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 1, Episode 10

For some reason the first season of Burn Notice was only 11 episodes long, although the final episode was a double, so episode 10 was definitely ramping up to the finale.

After narrowly escaping an attempt on his life Michael decides that Miami is too hot for him and he needs to go somewhere else.

The problem with this plan is that he can't move states as Michael Westen former spy, he's a security risk.

He tries to get a false licence and passport, but the guy he goes to has his wanted information and is about to hand him over to the FBI when Fiona arrives in the nick of time and loses her brand new shoes getting him out of there.

This leads him to Lucy (when I saw the name China Chow in the credits I knew she was in it) and she agrees to provide him with false documentation as long as he does a job for her.

The job involves a woman (Lucy 'Xena the Warrior Princess' Lawless as a blonde. I wonder if she and Bruce Campbell enjoyed working together again?) on the run from an abusive husband and trying to get her son back.

Of course nothing in Michael's world is ever what it seems. The woman in trouble is in fact a contract killer trying to use Michael to lead her to her target.

The resulting firefight means Michael's painstakingly restored Charger gets trashed when he flings an improvised explosive device at it.

Unfortunately the killer knows about Michael's mother and Fiona and Sam. Fiona can take care of herself, and so can Sam to a point. He goes to Maddie's to make sure she's safe and this is where we get the first sight of the friendship between Sam and Maddie. It's entirely platonic, but it does make sense. They're probably closer in age than Michael is to Sam and they both care deeply about Michael. We also find out that anyone who thinks Maddie is just a little old chain smoking lady is in for a shock, she knows how to use a gun.

The killer goes after Lucy (she really should have worked this out beforehand being a Michael Westen trained former agent) and Michael saves her. Together they all manage to deliver the target into witness protection and stop him from being killed (he tends to stay too close to windows). Michael tries to take the assassin in, but she dives off the building rather than be captured.

Lucy delivers him false documentation as promised and offers to cover the repairs to the car. Before Michael can do a disappearing act he gets news that the man who burned him is on his way to Miami, so he's staying put for the immediate future.

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