Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 1, Episode 11

The first season of Burn Notice closed out with a double episode. I'm certain this was screened on two separate nights as while it's numbered Episode 11 1 & 2, they were written by different people and also had different directors.

For a large part of this double episode Sam and Fiona are working independently of Michael, who is still trying to get to who burned him and why.

The episode opens with Michael working out in his warehouse (I'm sure that this scene was included so that female viewers could get a good look at Jeffrey Donovan's chest) and Sam entering with a bucket of fried chicken and a job offer.

There's a rather amusing exchange about the relative lack of nutritional elements contained in Sam's bucket, although Michael probably shouldn't really talk, because all he ever seems to have in his refrigerator is yoghurt and beer.

Sam's lined up what he thinks is a fairly easy job to get a girl out of a smuggling/blackmail deal that is going on at her workplace. Michael can't offer much help because he's trying to arrange a meet with Phillip Cowan, the guy he believes burned him.

The smuggling blackmail deal that Sam is working on with Fiona (and she insists that he pay her for her work, too) turns out to involve double blackmail and large quantities of heroin, as well as some very nasty people who don't care what they have to do or who they have to kill to import and shift their drugs.

When Michael does finally meet Cowan, he claims that he may have written Michael's false history, but he's not the guy who burned him, that's about when he gets shot.

By this stage the original blackmailers and smugglers have been blown up by the people controlling the operation, Sam has been taken as a hostage and Fiona only just got away. Michael winds up blowing up his brother's truck and having to hide his mother and brother in the new build Nate is squatting in and then going after the drug importers to get his best friend back.

Sam did get seriously roughed up and I did wonder if Bruce Campbell had a one season deal with the show. Michael saved the day and then while he was driving Sam back home got a message through the car's sound system and coordinates on it's GPS. The people who burned Michael had come out to play at long last.

The show closed with Michael driving into a truck on a bridge and faded to black as the back door of the truck shut.

Cliffhanger! Clearly they knew they had a Season 2 by this stage.

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