Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 2, Episode 1

Yes, we're into Season 2, so a new pic to illustrate the posts.

The episode picks up where the end of Season 1 left off, with Michael locked in the car in Sam's cadillac. This must have seriously sucked for everyone who watched it as it was screened and had to wait. I fortunately didn't as they showed the first two seasons back to back.

Occasionally Michael gets phone calls from this sultry sounding female, who apparently either burned him or represents someone who did. He gets one in the truck after hearing shouts, gunshots and an explosion outside. She tells him it's safe.

He's on a small airstrip with a merrily burning small aircraft nearby. His 'job' is the weedy looking, terrified guy trussed up near a car and few dead people. He's also called the cops and the girl (gives her name as Carla) has taken his wife and child. Michael needs to get him (Larry) and himself out of there pronto.

He puts Larry in the boot of the cadillac and then goes on a nice high speed pursuit. The voice over does something I really like about the show. It explains one of those little points that tend to bug people in action films and TV shows. Most modern cars have airbags, which as Michael says are great if you get in accident, but if you want to run through a stand of trees to avoid pursuit you're going to wind up trying to drive with a face full of nylon. To get around this he goes through the undergrowth backwards, it stops the airbags from deploying, but it throws Larry around a fair bit.

Larry is a computer expert who was hired by Carla, or whoever she represents, to steal data from a private security firm (code for mercenaries) and when he tried to run they kidnapped his wife and daughter.

Michael's in the poo with everyone by this stage. Sam for trashing the cadillac (a bit of a cut and polish and it will be fine), Fiona for not calling her and telling her he wasn't dead, his mother for not telling her what he really did and because Nate decided to stay in Fort Lauderdale on the grounds that it was safer than Miami (pointing out that Nate has a tendency to stay away for years anyway, does not help).

He does however get everyone's help with the Larry job. For some reason they had Michael pose as a British mining speculator with interests in Africa that he wanted the mercenaries to help him protect. Jeffrey Donovan does a great range of American accents, his inner city British is awful. To think that the mercenaries, who work all over with a range of people, wouldn't spot it as fake stretches credibility just that little too far.

Using his skills and that of his associates Michael gets the data, gets the mercenaries arrested and has Larry's family returned. Fiona's relatively happy because she got to blow some stuff up.

Carla promised a meeting if he pulled off this job, his audition apparently. She never shows.

However while Michael and Sam are enjoying a drink at a favourite place, Sam flirts with a very attractive lady (Tricia Helfer) at the bar. He says that if Michael didn't have a girlfriend he could go after her. Michael replies that he doesn't have a girlfriend. Sam doesn't say anything, but his expression says, 'Is Fiona aware of that?' He then gets a call from Carla and realises that she was there and he let her go. She was the lady at the bar, she leaves a further clue in the form of a crossword puzzle. This is going to be one fun ride.

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