Thursday, June 12, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 1, Episode 7

As Michael says in the voice over that most episodes begin with, characters like Jason Bly don't like anyone knowing their real name, it ticks them off even more when you broadcast it publicly and give details of the department of the secret service (in Bly's case the CSS, a division of the NSA) out as you do it.

Once Michael's had his fun, Bly turns the tables and starts talking about Sam and Fiona (he knew about her, although I think it's recent knowledge) and how Fiona is driving a stolen car with illegal weapons in the trunk and the cops are on their way.

A high speed pursuit that wouldn't have looked out of place in any big blockbuster action film follows.

Bly then turns up at Michael's house and lays down the law to him. He will take a job they find for him and become another anonymous untermensch or they will have his brother arrested, let some of Fiona's enemies (from her IRA days and her current gun running) know where she is and cause trouble for Sam too. In fact he's already in dire straits with Audrey Landers (cannot remember her character name) for having CIA come to her house and threaten her because of his past.

Michael doesn't do or say anything then and there, but you just know he's not going to take this lying down.

He takes a job to help a local Cuban business owner who is being shaken down along with his fellow business owners by a criminal gang operating in the neighbourhood.

We've seen Michael the smooth spy and Michael the redneck, now we get to see Michael Westen psychopath. He would be a scary individual. At one point he blocks off a car full of gang members, drills a hole through their engine block, then drills holes in the roof of the car and pours petrol all over it and threatens to send the whole thing up in flames. Shocking how easy it was and makes you wonder exactly far someone who simply didn't give a damn about consequences could go.

This gets him in with the gang, who interestingly enough was run by a woman. I kept having flashbacks to Salma Hayek's drug lord/lady from Oliver Stone's Savages, although that came out in 2012.

When he's given orders to kill the man who hired him as well as his family he knows things have gone far enough and this lady has to be taken down. He forms an alliance with her second in command, who wants out, and they bomb her house with a device that Fiona and Michael put together. As the bomb is planted and exploded, killing the woman in the blast, Michael's voice over talks about doing the right thing for the wrong reason or vice versa, which leaves the viewers to decide whether killing someone to stop them from doing more bad things is justifiable or not.

While all this was happening, Michael was also using Barry the money launderer (Barry returned, he was one of those peripheral characters that just kept popping up now and then) to set Bly up.

So when Bly gives him the employment contract for a job as a security guard at a local bank Michael gives him a dossier about his new company which Michael set up, his car upgrade, also arranged by Michael and some pictures of he and Michael looking very friendly. Back off and get me my file or I will end you is the message.

Michael and Fiona fight. I mean really fight. Judo, kick boxing, karate, some krav maga, I felt Michael was pulling his punches, but they wound up blowing off some steam and ended up in bed together. They're in bed when Bly arrives with Michael's classified file.

Michael has got some of what he wants, but Bly's not the type to go away that meekly.

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