Friday, June 13, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 1, Episode 8

This episode is all about Michael and Fiona. They slept together and Fiona seems to think this means that they're a couple again. Michael's not so sure. In fact he appears to be more interested in his file than he is with Miss Glenanne.

Some of this seemed to happen in Fiona's place. It certainly wasn't Michael's spartan loft. This was where viewers first found out about Fiona's snow globe collection. Whenever she goes anywhere, and her work takes her most places on the globe, she buys a snow globe as a memento, but she does seem to have a childish fascination for the tacky little ornaments. Little quirks like these help to flesh out a character nicely.

The motw involves one of Fiona's other jobs as a bounty hunter. Her bounty is wanted for his part in the theft of a valuable piece of jewellery (a diamond spider brooch that would fetch about $2,000,000 on the open market). He maintains his innocence and offers Fiona double his bounty if she'll help him out. Of course Michael and Sam get dragged into it.

The real thief is a cash strapped hotelier, played with some sleazy panache by Brett Cullen (if you don't recognise the name, you will recognise the face and the voice, he specialises in playing businessmen, the soul patch was new, though).

Sam got to dust Charles Finley off again and played a go between acting in the interests of a wealthy collector; Michael. The three of them conned the thief and had him picked up by the police holding the brooch, and this in turn got Fiona's 'client' off the hook.

Michael used some contacts in the Libyan secret service to flush out the NSA pen pusher who wrote most of the outright lies that formed his dossier. In fact the Libyans were so impressed that they offered him a job. That is one slight hiccup in the story. The CIA have been horrible to Michael, they ruined his life while he worked for them and then cut him loose. Why does he want to go back there? It's not just about clearing his name, it's about being accepted by the US secret service again.

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