Monday, June 23, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 2, Episode 4

Michael thinks that his investigations into Carla have drawn attention, this isn't really surprising, because he does insist on discussing it in public and flashing the dossier around (at least twice in this episode) and runs from what he believes is pursuit, but which turns out to be his ne'er do well little brother Nate.

Nate has now returned from Fort Lauderdale and is actually working a legitimate job as a limo driver. In the course of his duties he encountered a pretty Russian girl who requires the specialised sort of services Michael and his friends provide. Her sister was lured to the US and Katya believes that she's been taken by some sort of white slavery outfit with links to the Russian Mafia.

Because of Nate's insistence Michael takes the gig on. Katya turned out to be on the level, but given what's happened to Michael recently I did find it surprising that he didn't do some sort of surveillance or background check, Nate's also not the best judge of character, and I found myself wondering if Katya wasn't drop dead gorgeous would he have extended the offer of assistance?

To accomplish the task of finding out where Katya's sister and others are stashed they take one of the Russian's hostage and put him through some psychological torture. What Michael often does is try to make people think they're compromised. He doesn't much like what is generally thought of as torture. He believes it's like shopping for groceries with a chainsaw, it's unnecessary and counter productive.

Fiona does get to hit Michael a few times to make it look like he's a fellow prisoner and as he speaks fluent Russian it comes out as believable and accomplishes their ends.

Meanwhile Sam is wining and dining a low level bureaucrat (played with relish by Larry Miller) for information about Carla. They do eventually get something out of him, but not before he's managed to eat and drink his way through $1300 worth of food and drink. Her cover is as an irrigation specialist and her business card has her name as Carla, so it may not be an alias or it may be a frequently used one like Sam's beloved alter ego of Charles 'Chuck' Finley.

It's been pretty clear from when he first appeared that Nate hero worships Michael to a degree and Maddie reveals that when Michael left Nate really went off the rails. This makes Michael want to help Nate, but at the same time the worst thing he could do is bring him into the fold. He's not like Fiona (a former IRA operative, who would have made a top notch MI6 agent if she didn't have connections to a known terrorist organisation) or Sam (a former Navy SEAL).

The net however is closing around Carla and she doesn't seem to be aware of it.

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