Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 2, Episode 5

They went all out on the guest cast list this time. As well as semi regulars Tricia Helfer (Michael's nemesis Carla) and Audrey Landers (Sam's sugar mama Veronica) they also had Oded Fehr and Robin Givens as guests.

I felt this episode highlighted something else that Michael should have also expected, it's surprising that it's taken this long to do it. When he arrives home after tracking Carla to what he believes may be a building she works out of, there's someone waiting for him.

The guy is a small time criminal, trying to go straight, but a mastermind he often works with wants him to act as a wheel man for a new job. He's heard about Michael and is even offering him a fairly expensive piece of jewellery in exchange for his assistance. Michael really doesn't want the job, it's going to interfere with his attempts to investigate Carla, but he really does have a heart of gold and accepts it anyway.

I have to admit that now Fiona knows Michael doesn't want to become entangled romantically she's not taking it laying down. She still works with and for Michael, but makes it pretty unpleasant for him a lot of the time. She's rather irritating at times to be honest.

As part of the job Michael and his team make sure that the safe cracker for that heist is no longer available and that brings Michael into the job. I do like the way Jeffrey Donovan plays these parts. He doesn't use disguises as such, just alters his voice, mannerisms, facial expressions and mode of dress. It works wonderfully, especially if he doesn't try for anything exotic like the ridiculous British accent earlier in the season.

Doing this job does cost him his first crack at Carla's building. However he does the job well and turns the rest of the crew on the boss. That ties everything up neatly and as usual he refuses payment. I wonder exactly how he lives, because he rarely takes payment and if he does I doubt it even covers his costs.

By the time he does break into Carla's building she is unsurprisingly gone, but leaves him a present of mylar balloons and a crossword puzzle, which is his next move.

To Sam's great surprise Veronica asked him to get married. Now viewers would have thought Sam's initial reticence would have come from his desire to play the field and I'm sure that plays a part, but he tells Fiona in one of their heart to hearts while on surveillance that the real reason is that he's still married. Fiona tells him to tell Veronica the truth, which he does, and she promptly kicks him out.

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