Thursday, July 3, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 2, Episode 12

I was pleased to see another guest shot by Silas Weir Mitchell as arms dealer Seymour. I love him in Grimm and Seymour and Monroe could just about be brothers separated at birth with the way he acts. Michael and Fiona turn up uninvited to one of Seymour's endless pool parties, they wanted to get information on the bomber, but it was also a great excuse for the producers to put Gabrielle Anwar in a bathing suit.

Fiona takes out Seymour's bodyguard Jackass (I think that may actually be his name. Seymour never calls him anything else) and Michael turns Seymour's gun on him. He agrees to help them out with some intel, but only if Michael agrees to let him come on a stakeout and teach him some of his self defence moves.

For some reason Michael suddenly realised that he needed a stream of income (no idea how he's made money until now, considering that he rarely accepts payment for what he's done and all his assets were frozen) and took a job as a security consultant for an art gallery that the owner had concerns about.

As soon as I saw Joel Gretsch was playing the art dealer I knew he'd be dodgy. Just something about the way he played it. I don't know I assumed that as the only other thing I can remember seeing the actor in was V, and he was one of the good guys in that.

Michael quickly works out it's an inside job and nabs the receptionist trying to steal data. This then completely changes the case. The girl is only doing it because she believes her employer murdered her father; a renowned artist, to get hold of a valuable painting. At Sam's urging Michael takes her on as a client and gets himself, Sam and Fiona in a caper involving the art dealer and a contract killer. He has to take the contract killer out of the picture long enough to convince the dealer that someone is trying to kill him. He winds up giving the painting to the girl and presumably doesn't get paid for the other job.

In the second story where, with Seymour's 'help', he's trying to catch the bomber, he does so. He really gets very little information, the bomber was paid by wire and the money was sent to an offshore account about which the bomber only knows the account number. Seymour wanted to torture him using a blow torch, although I think that was mostly for show and I kept flashing on Monroe trying to look tough. In the end they wound up shipping him with one of Seymour's regular shipments to Surinam. To be honest the bomber was rather disappointing and easily taken and get information from. I was surprised that Fiona didn't want to participate in some torture, she was nearly killed by one of his traps after all.

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