Saturday, July 5, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 2, Episode 13

Season 1 gets very directly referenced and there's a guest shot by Mark Shepherd. What more could anyone want?

Using Barry the money launderer Michael is trying to work out where the money that the bomber got came from. While having lunch with Barry, Michael becomes very aware that Barry is wearing a wire. He would have made an awful spy.

On the other end of that wire is Jason Bly. He's managed to climb out from under the mountain of red tape that Michael nearly buried him under and wants to continue with his one man mission to destroy Michael Westen's life. He probably makes his fatal mistake when he tears Michael's favourite chair apart in his efforts to do that. I did actually wonder why Michael didn't simply tell Carla that Bly was hindering his efforts to track down the bomber. I think she and her employers may have removed the annoyance that is Bly.

Michael takes on a job helping a friend of his mother's get rid of a stalker she met on an online dating service. Early on he and Sam realise that this guy isn't at all what he seemed, he's gone to some pretty extraordinary lengths to hide himself from anyone who may go looking for him.

That's when Michael receives a call from the woman in question telling him that the guy has been hanging around outside her work and she works at a small private bank.

I found it rather amusing that Michael was ding a security job for a woman who worked at a bank, as Bly tried to force Michael into a security guard role at a bank. He also turns up at the bank in his efforts to get under Michael's skin and that's about when Prescott turns up as a robber.

Prescott is the stalker, he's also played by Mark Shepherd. Mark Shepherd does a lot of genre work, he's been in everything from Battlestar Galactica to Dr Who. I best remember him as Badger from Firefly. He's a very good villain and quite believable as a callous bank robber.

The idea of someone with very specialised skills winding up as a hostage in a bank robbery is an old one, and generally surfaces at least once in a show like Burn Notice. It was surprising that it took them until 3 quarters of the way through the second season to do it.

Bly decides to try and be a hero and gets shot for his trouble. Only Michael posing as a doctor and pointing out the consequences of killing a hostage, saves his life. Michael then proceeds to sabotage the robbers, contact Sam and Fiona and have them cause problems outside. Sam finds their getaway boat and has the driver convince them at gunpoint that Sam is someone not to mess with. Fiona plants explosives on their truck and blows it up just as Prescott is getting ready to make his getaway.

Most of the action takes place in the bank and it's highly entertaining.

There's a nice bit of interplay between Sam and Fiona, with Fiona wondering why she wasn't called first (Michael called Sam while he was on a date with an attractive, available and wealthy divorcee). Michael tells her that he did call her first, but she didn't answer, so he rang Sam.

Saving Bly's life gets him off his back and also gets him to help Michael out with the bank account in the Caymans. However either he or someone else (possibly Barry) tripped off whoever does own it that Michael was looking into it. Not good news at all.

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