Monday, July 7, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 2, Episode 14

Nice shot of sunny South Beach as Michael and Fiona make their way to a meet with a staff member of the Cayman Island's bank where the bomber's money was placed. Fiona quite rightly points out that it is highly likely this is some sort of trap and Michael shouldn't really meet with this guy. Michael shoots back that he was advised not to meet with her and look how that turned out. In her defence Fiona says that she did have a fistful of C4 when they met. At some point they do show Fiona and Michael's first meet and that isn't how I remember it playing out at all. However I'l see when I get to that episode.

The guy is an assassin, he rather foolishly uses knives rather than a gun, he does managed to slash Michael's arm, but Michael unfortunately in fighting for his life pushes the guy to his death out of the parking garage where they meet.

Back at home Michael and Sam encounter a Haitian (Clarence Willams III, who I best remember as Prince's father in Purple Rain), who has heard about Michael and wants him to track down the killer of his daughter, so that he can face justice back in Haiti.

Initially Michael refuses, but under pressure from Sam particularly relents and goes after the Haitian killer. He uses Fiona, pretending to be French to get information about the guy, which enables him to work his magic of making the man think he's his ally. This once again reinforces my growing belief that where possible they shouldn't do accents. Gabrielle Anwar does a great job of modifying her natural British accent to sound fairly generically American, but she can't do French. It comes off sounding like an American trying to imitate a French accent and wouldn't fool an actual French speaker as Jean Pierre Duman being Haitian would be.

I did however like the way they lured him into a hotel room, Fiona drugs him, then Michael comes down from the floor above via a rope ladder, carries him out and up, then takes off with his hired goons being none the wiser to what happened when they manage to break down the door of the hotel room.

His story ends with him being carted off to Haiti by Clarence Williams III. Meanwhile Sam has used Michael's old FBI tail to go after Duman's father, who was the real king pin behind a lot of his son's crimes. The FBI guys were sort of comic relief in Season 1. They are here too, but they turn out to be decent guys overall.

There's a subplot about the car stereo in Maddie's car (she never actually drives it anywhere) begin stolen and the car not going because Michael's father wired the ignition into the stereo. Both Sam and Michael offer to help her out with catching the thieves (local juvenile delinquents) and with the rewiring, She refuses on the grounds that she can do stuff herself. She does too. She rewires the car successfully, although we never actually see her driving it, and manages to get the kids apprehended when she sees them coming out of someone else's house and calls the police. So yay for Maddie. She also cripples Sam when he accompanies her to a stretching class.

Meanwhile Michael is trying to find out who set the assassin from the bank onto him and surprise, surprise it turns out to be Victor. There's layers upon layers of complexity here now.

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