Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 2, Episode 15

Story lines start to collide as they pull it all together for the Season 2 finale.

Spooked by Victor, who is very accurately described by Sam as being just like Michael, but with rabies, Michael brings his mother to stay in the loft for her own safety. She's none too happy about this and shows her displeasure by smoking non stop and pretty much ensuring that everyone else stays out of the loft as much as possible just to get some fresh air.

Just after Maddie arrives there is an unexpected knock at the door and everyone goes for their weapons. Fiona is unsurprisingly armed, Sam was also and that did surprise as he doesn't always pack unless he's expecting a nasty surprise, Michael grabs his gun out of the refrigerator, yes he does seem to keep one in there along with the yoghurt and the beer. Maddie snatches up a kitchen knife. I found that rather amusing, but it shows how Michael's mother as adapting to the life her son brings with her.

There's an attractive lady at the door (Dina Meyer, best known as the love interest that wasn't Denise Richards in Starship Troopers), and she claims to be Michael's ex fiancé. Michael uses the loft as s safe haven, which is why he moved Maddie there after Victor reappeared on the scene. For a safe haven it's not very safe. The bomber had no trouble wiring the door to explode, Carla and assorted other bad guys and girls break in on a regular basis and he's been tracked down there by everyone from petty criminals to pissed off Haitian fathers and now an ex fiancé. Admittedly the ex fiancé is a criminal, but still, it doesn't seem to be very hard to find. Fiona's observation from the previous episode that he could do worse than moving into an air conditioned shipping container may not have been bad advice. He could at least arrange to have that moved if it was discovered.

Samantha, the ex, stole a piece of military hardware that is wanted by a black marketeer (Jay Karnes. You may not know the name, but you'll have seen the actor. He plays sleaze and bad very well) who is holding Samantha's son Charlie as a hostage (Charlie must be the show's default kid name. Nate's son was named that as well and for a good part of this episode Samantha lets Michael believe her son could be his). He's not, but as she tells him, he could have been.

Michael and Co retrieve the child and then he and Samantha stiff the dealer, and return the hardware in a reverse heist. That's quite well done and fits with both Samantha's past and utilises Michael's skills.

Michael knows that Victor is the fly in Carla's ointment, but for some reason doesn't want to give him up. He later takes him hostage and the show ends with an unconscious and battered Victor being pushed by Michael out of the Dade County municipal offices in a wheel chair.

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