Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 2, Episode 16

Whatever other issues I have with Burn Notice, and they really are few and far between, they pull out all stops with their season finales.

Unlike last season this was largely done in the one episode and there's so much going on that you find yourself wondering how they fit it all into 40 - 45 minutes of TV.

It turns out that both Carla and Victor have something in common with Michael. They both claim to be burned agents. We get very little detail about Carla, but Victor is more forthcoming.

This may be attributed to him being tied to a chair while Fiona is armed with a shotgun packing bean bag rounds (they won't kill, but they hurt like hell) when they ask him questions.

Victor claims that Carla killed his family to get him to work for her organisation. It's never given a name it's just referred to as Management. He could of course be lying, but no one thinks he is. It fits with Carla. This of course makes Michael worry for Maddie. Victor effectively becomes his client and they determine to go after Carla and Management. Victor has a dossier on Carla, but they'll have to go through her people to get to it.

Sam had instructions to take Maddie to Orlando and keep her safe there. I was hoping Sam could get her to go for it. Would have been great fun to see her and Sam avoiding Carla's people at Disneyworld. She refuses to leave, especially because Michael is in danger. Maddie's a walking contradiction. She does everything to keep fit, including popping her many pills, yet she smokes like a chimney. Even when Sam comes to pick her up, she's exercising to a workout video with lit cigarette firmly between lips.

Sam employs some of Michael's ingenuity and uses a set of Christmas lights as an incendiary device that temporarily disables the hit squad Carla sent after Maddie. This lets them take the neighbours highly visible bright red Buick. Maddie refuses to go outside of Miami and tells Sam to go help Michael, she figures that if they can find her amongst all the other peroxide blonde retirees in Miami then they're welcome to try, and she has a point. Maddie would be able to hide in plain sight better than anyone else on Team Michael Westen.

While I'm on the subject of visible cars Michael should really ditch the Charger. I know the idea is that it's identified with him, but that's part of it's problem. It stands out. It's as much part of him now as the Winchester's Impala or General Lee with the Duke boys. Fiona's penchant for high performance sports cars is also highly visible, but she switches them around pretty regularly.

He unveiled a new skill during a chase. While Victor was driving he was able to shoot at a pursuer, but ricochet the bullets off the ground so that they came up through the floorboards at the other driver, now that takes talent.

We also see a major difference between Michael and Victor. It's a possible weakness, although I'm sure Michael sees it as a strength. Michael doesn't like killing people and will do what he can to avoid that. Victor doesn't enjoy it, but he sees it as a natural consequence of him staying alive, largely he stays alive so he can take revenge on Carla and whoever she works for.

Carla does manage to shoot Victor and thinks she has Michael trapped, even if he won't do what she says she can blow up the boat he's on. As he points out she'll have fun trying to explain that to whoever she answers to, but her rejoinder is at least she'll still be alive. Those turned out to famous last words because just after she said them Fiona shot her. Someone got their wish.

Realising that they were all done for if he didn't act, Michael was forced to kill Victor (at his own request. I kind of felt sorry for the guy, too) and told Fiona and Sam to get the hell out. He boarded the helicopter containing Management.

Management turned out to be some unnamed old guy in a nice suit, who claimed that if he wanted them to back off they would, but he'd regret it. They had been keeping all the enemies he built up over the years away from him and his life, if they didn't provide that protection his life was going to get very interesting. I can see that makes some sort of sense, but Larry's still alive and he would have stepped on a lot more toes than Michael ever did, admittedly he's a stone killer and usually leaves a trail of dead bodies behind.

Michael says he'll take his chances, jumps out the helicopter and starts swimming for Miami.

There is not a snowflake's chance in hell Management are going to leave Michael alone.

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