Monday, July 28, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 3, Episode 13

For the third episode in a row the show opens with Gilroy meeting up with Michael. This time it's in a spa at a hotel. Michael doesn't like spas, he finds the water too hot. The embassy job is off. Gilroy wants Michael to get him a bunch of flight plans. Michael maintains that this is more risky than stealing something from a foreign embassy. Considering that he did it by asking Sam to hit up an old SEAL buddy working for the Coast Guard for a favour, that seemed to be a rather inaccurate argument.

I did kind of wonder about Gilroy at this point, though. How good is he really? Michael didn't see him activate the firebomb in the hotel, nor does he really know who was shooting at him at the stadium. He knows it was a sniper at the hotel when Fiona got shot at. He's only going on the assumption that Gilroy actually pulled the earlier jobs with the firebombing assassination of the British scientist and the shooting at the soccer stadium because of what happened to him. He didn't want to steal into the embassy himself and he can't get the flight plans on his own. He may be forced to back down if Michael wants to take him on face to face.

The real story is what happens when Michael gets back to his loft and finds a dead body down stairs and Larry the formerly dead spy upstairs. The dead guy works for a Columbian drug cartel and the six tear drops on his tattoo indicate that he has six kills to his name (Larry thinks that makes him an amateur).

Now why does a Columbian drug cartel killer want Michael Westen dead? That would be because Larry ripped them off to the tune of 2 million dollars and used Michael's name as his alias. Larry is currently using the alias of dead shoe salesman Larry Garber (I did wonder if the surname was a sneaky Alias reference. Actor Victor Garber played super spy Jack Bristow in that show). So to get the cartel off his back Michael has to help Larry get away with a cool 2 million somehow, he'll also need to protect Larry's accomplice, the inept stage magician Jack Fleetwood aka Jablonski.

I liked seeing Carlos Gomez as the angry Columbian cartel character Carlos. It was a change of pace from the other role I remember him in; mild mannered Latino coroner Carlos Sanchez in The Glades.

Most of it is standard Michael Westen. He saves Jack, manages to give Carlos back his cartel's money and leaves Larry trying to explain a very sticky situation to the police.

I think they returned Larry to point out that the more Michael gets involved with Gilroy (and I still don't really know why that is) the more like Larry he becomes. There was a bust up this time with Sam over the flight plans and it nearly broke up the friendship.

In other developments Nate came back from Las Vegas with a wife. He met and married card dealer Ruth within a month. I give the marriage about that long. Maddie cannot stand her, but Nate wants her to move out to Vegas. On the one hand that would get her out of Michael's hair and away from the danger that he brings with him. On the other hand it takes away a place to hide, a mother who he is only now starting to actually know and a good friend for his associates. Maddie refuses to go and Nate and Ruth go back to Vegas without her. As Maddie says her place is there in Miami with Michael, and Sam and Fiona. She didn't actually say the word family, but it's pretty clear that as far as Maddie is concerned Sam and Fiona are very bit as much her family as Michael and Nate are.

Now we just have to wonder why Gilroy wants information about a flight from the Chilean embassy in Miami to Poland. Michael doesn't believe the bio weapon cargo story he was told for a minute.

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