Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 3, Episode 14

In an episode where I thought they may have been ramping up for the season finale (3 episodes to go) that story largely took a backseat to Michael's other 'job'.

It's largely left to Fiona to massage information out of a Polish diplomat to find out what exactly is on that flight from Chile to Poland via Miami that Gilroy wants so much.

Michael instead gives Sam what he most wants in the world; a job where they spend their time looking at and being around beautiful models.

Unsurprisingly Sam lined this one up. The owner of a a rising Miami based fashion house, a former model herself, suspects that one of her employees is ripping her off and wants Sam and Michael to investigate. You'd think with a buff, suited Jeffrey Donovan up against an ageing, gone to seed, partially shaven Bruce Campbell, the attractive, successful business woman would gravitate to the former, but no, while she likes Michael and appreciates his professionalism, it's Sam she's interested in on a personal level.

It looks pretty open and shut. The company's chief financial officer is skimming, that is until Michael confronts him about it at their client's house and she turns up face down, shot to death in her own swimming pool.

As the CFO has an alibi, he was with Michael at the time, it's a fight to clear his name and protect him from the actual killer; the co founder of the company who has gotten into bed with a very nasty and ruthless accomplice.

Michael gets what he can from the real killer by posing as a drug dealer using the company as a front for his exportation of heroin to the European market. Sam goes undercover by pretending to be a CSI. The show had a little fun with that. On at least two occasions Sam dons mirror shades and uses a bad pun centred around the fashion industry to describe the case. CSI Miami could have almost sued them for it.

While this is going on Fiona is trying to get some of Michael's old military shots from Maddie. to help her with the Polish diplomat. Maddie likes Fiona...a lot, but she knows when she's being lied to and it's something Michael has to explain later on.

The fact that Gilroy is after a person, not a thing and a dangerous person at that is probably what sets up the finale, which will play out over the final two episodes.

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