Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 3, Episode 15

One episode to go and they made us wait until the very end before we got an indication that the final episode is going to go off like a frog in a sock.

Once again Gilroy uses Michael. This time he infiltrates a house and compound being used by a militant group of 'separatists' or as Michael correctly refers to them white supremacists (do these really exist in the US? They're used in fiction a bit), and while Michael fights a couple of these idiots, Gilroy sneaks in and steals a high powered machine gun.

As usual Gilroy is coy about what he wants it for and what he intends to use it on, but it is all connected to the flight from Chile.

A lot of this episode was about Fiona and her past. A contact called Coleman (Australian actor Jonathan La Paglia, could have played Claude, at least his accent would have been dead on) puts Fiona in touch with an Argentinian called Gabriel. It's never really explained what Gabriel does, but he's paranoid and he has a lot of security and wealth. Fiona's interest is driven by the fact that he's kidnapped a scientist who has a family.

In an attempt to catch Fiona out Gabriel mentions some time she says she's spent in Madrid (she hasn't) and asks her about Las Ramblas. Las Ramblas is of course in Barcelona, which Fiona knows. I did think at the time it wasn't a hard question, it's fairly common knowledge. He then sends two of his people to her house to check her passport and see if it has a Madrid stamp.

Michael rushes over and doctors her passport to read right. Again I found this odd. Given what Fiona does (gun running, a bit of bombing on the side) I would have thought she would have had more than one passport and not all the information in them would necessarily be legitimate. It is however another chance for Michael to show off his MacGyver like skills.

Gabriel wastes no time in delving into her background and discovers that Fiona Glenanne once worked for the IRA. We the viewers found out that before Michael got burned she was happily set up somewhere else in the world and dropped everything to be with him. Gabriel doesn't seem to know about Michael.

Sam really only exists in this episode to keep an eye on Fiona and impersonate Chuck Finley, a grass obsessed representative of the local home owners association.

Fiona admits that her involvement with the IRA came about because of the accidental killing of her sister by British forces. Gabriel is using the scientist to try and bring about the downfall of an American company called Apex who dumped deadly waste into the water near his hometown and this killed his daughter. Fiona rescues the scientist and Michael has to rescue Gabriel when he tries to kill himself and Fiona won't leave the burning building unless they at least try and save him.

I had the feeling that this season was the introduction of a character called Simon and that was who Gilroy was trying to get off the plane, for a cool $10 million. There's a double-cross on and Simon leaves Gilroy fatally wounded (always knew he wasn't as a good as he pretended to be), had a bomb strapped to him and Simon is after Michael Westen.

The last episode should be a cracker.

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