Friday, July 11, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 3, Episode 2

Now that they've established the situation Michael finds himself in, and it is if anything even worse than before, it's time to add the overarching season plot into the mix and set up this season's Big Bad.

Fiona has brought her latest bounty (she's apparently still bringing in the odd bail jumper to justice on the side, to go with her illegal arms dealing and helping Michael out) to the loft and is trying to convince Michael that it's not a bad way to pick up extra money. On the way out they encounter Detective Paxson (Moon Bloodgood, now starring in Falling Skies). Without Management to cover up the trail of wreckage that Michael Westen and Co leave behind them, he has come under the radar of the Miami PD and Detective Paxson has made it her personal crusade to take the former spy off the streets. I was a bit disappointed with the choice of her as Big Bad. She claims to be our boy's worst nightmare, but given that he's gone head to head with the likes of Bly, Carla and Victor and come out on top she can't be any more than an annoyance. She has however an extremely dedicated annoyance.

One storyline has Michael trying and succeeding for the most part to stay one step ahead and at the same time piss off Paxson. That involved using a water saw to break into his own storage unit and remove all the C4 that he has in there. Fiona points out that if he had actually used the C4 he wouldn't have had to do that in the first place.

The other storyline involves Fiona and a client she has in her bounty hunter business. It also involves a father who seems reluctant to return his son to the mother and that always interests Fiona and makes her reach for the guns.

As it turns out the father has every intention of returning his son to his wife, but can't because the child has been kidnapped and the abductor (a seriously nasty piece of work) is trying to get some diamonds out of the father, who works for a diamond company.

The trick is to find the child, and that's where Sam playing crooked cop Detective Finley (never heard his first name, but I bet it was Charles or Chuck) and he and Michael pull a con to make the kidnapper let them know where the boy is stashed. That was actually rather clever and it was pulled as a reverse interrogation.

Sam is still driving around in the Buick and I think Maddie's neighbour's daughter is the new love of his life, apparently she rebuilt the Buick's engine herself. I've never really got the impression that Sam is a car nut in that way, but it looks like he is. The Buick is very nice, but the colour and style really make it stand out, so it's not ideal for covert surveillance. I really hope they don't trash it.

Not only do Michael and his team return the child to his parents and hear the kidnappers turn on and shoot each other, but they also reunite the parents. It's very much a happy ever after ending.

Now Michael has to find a way to get Paxson off his back. It's really as much for her own safety as anything. She's simply not equipped to go up against or get involved with the some of the other people who will be after and/or dealing with the former spy.

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