Monday, July 14, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 3, Episode 3

And Detective Paxson continues to be a pain in the arse.

She interrupts Michael's very rare down time, but getting Nate to knock on the door, and once he answers it she and her off sider barge on him and start hassling Michael.

She's shown that she will bother his family by bringing Nate in. Fortunately Nate is experienced at not giving a straight answer to questions from the police, and so won't 'flip' on his brother. Maddie doesn't have the experience, but she's one 'tough old broad' and would never rat on either of her boys. Fiona and Sam, being an ex terrorist and Navy SEAL respectively also aren't about to be cracked by some uptight detective. However others friends and family might.

I don't think Michael has family outside of his mother and Nate, but people like Seymour the arms dealer and Barry the money launderer could be easy targets. Barry's already been heavied into wearing a wire once by Bly. So they have to give Paxson a headache of her own, like setting up a fake financial partnership with someone at the Mayor's office.

Enter Barry. While Sam and Fiona are doing that with Barry, at Maddie's house, apparently Sam is living there full time now, Maddie is getting to know Barry and Michael's waiting to see what happens, in walks Brennen.

Brennen was the unscrupulous black marketeer who strapped a bomb to Michael's ex-fiance in the last season. He's still unpleasant and this time he's got Nate in his pocket. The younger Westen had started a limousine business, he's just got a mysterious new investor, which is Brennen. The deal is that Michael does what he wants and Nate lives, if he doesn't Brennen will have his hired gun kill Nate slowly and painfully.

Barry comes in handy again, the entire time Michael is dancing on the end of Brennen's string he's got Barry with Fiona and Sam investigating his life via his financial records.

Barry impersonates a British banker (despite him saying he doesn't do a good British accent, it's better than Michael's Irish one and he went undercover with that) and makes Brennen believe Michael has managed to siphon in excess of 200,000 British pounds out of an account. That still doesn't get the gun removed from Nate's temple, and he's already been shot in the arm. What does is when Michael gambles on Brennen's daughter's name and where she goes to school.

That threat freaks Brennen out. He lets Nate and Michael go. He also tells Michael that if anything happens to his daughter he will end him. Michael sold that well, Brennen did initially say that isn't Michael and it isn't, but where his family is concerned he can get very nasty.

There were two nice little post scripts to this episode. One is Maddie's growing friendship with Barry. The two of them did become very close over the course of the show's run.

The other was Paxson turning up again at Michael's loft, sans her partner, who had gotten suspended when he attempted to investigate the deputy Mayor over a financial partnership she appeared to have with Michael. Score another point for Barry. Paxson claims she's only getting started, but Michael is under her skin in a big way and she still has no idea what she's getting herself into.

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