Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 3, Episode 4

He managed to get her partner suspended, but Paxson still won't quit on Michael. She assigns him a 24 X 7 police detail to cramp his style and doesn't seem to really care that it could quite possibly get him and maybe even the police on the detail killed. She also puts a tax auditor onto Sam, who I imagine is probably quite creative with his returns. I don't know why she didn't ask the department of immigration to look into Fiona. I doubt she's a US citizen and her background could mark her as an undesirable immigrant.

In retaliation Michael decides to make her life a little more difficult by following her around on stakeouts. He used a similar tactic with Bly, and she can't operate the way he did in public or private. This is when he gets what seemed to be to me a bizarre idea. He decides to make her a client and take out a criminal who plays on drug dealers that she can't touch. I personally think this would make her worse, not better. Part of her problem with Michael is that he's a vigilante who works outside the law. It doesn't matter to her that he does in his own way clean up the streets of Miami, it bothers her that he's not legally authorised to do so and frequently has to break the law to do it.

Sam has issues with the auditor. When he got the name of Stacey Conolly, he assumed it was going to be a lady he could charm, but Stacy turns out to be a bespectacled by the book MALE auditor who seems determined to make Sam Axe's life a living hell. It later turns out that he's the son of one of Sam's string of female companions and he's harboured a grudge against the Lothario for making himself into a hero and a role model in the kid's eyes and then walking out of their lives. This is his chance for revenge. Sam explains that it was Stacey's mother who threw him out not the other way around. They become friends and Sam's tax issues are done with.

Michael targets Paxson's nemesis (played by regular bit part actor Erik Palladino) and he's a thug and bully who it will be an absolute pleasure to deliver into the hands of the Miami PD. He uses a small time criminal with a gambling problem; Tommy (acted by another very good bit part actor in Nicholas Turturro).

Michael represents himself to Tommy as Milo, a down and out small time thief from New York with his friends, the gum chewing Bianca (Fiona) with the Fran Fine voice, and the menacing sunglass wearing Chuck (Sam), we never heard 'Chuck's' surname, but I'm betting it was Finley. Tommy likes them and uses them as his crew.

It's rather amusing seeing them take down a dry cleaners store for a few thousand dollars and actually direct Tommy in how to do it successfully, but still make it look like it's all his idea. Rather the way 99 often directs Max Smart on missions.

When Tommy gets tasked with being the front man on a meth lab raid Michael comes clean and they work the deal so that his boss Matheson gets caught when the cops turn up and finds himself slammed face down on the hood of a police car being cuffed by Paxson.

Tommy decides to go straight. He takes the cropped greyhound he bought to save it from being put down and goes to St Louis where his mother lives. He thinks he may start a kennel.

Surprisingly Paxson is grateful to Michael (I really thought it could have gone the other way). She agrees to stop hassling him, but does warn him to keep his nose as clean as he can. I doubt we've seen the last of her.

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